December 10, 2016 5 By MrKofi


According to google a hero is a person usually a man admired for his outstanding achievements, a warrior is an experienced soldier or fighter the words are  almost synonymous …..almost synonymous that said I believe the term warrior means more than most people attribute it upon hearing the definition.


Now lets look beyond the literary definitions and find out what those words really mean. by definition a hero is someone admired for their outstanding achievements thus that brainy kid in senior high who used to stay on top of the class was a hero in his own right, just like the individuals on your national soccer team become heroes once they return home with the world cup. Now a warrior is defined as an experienced soldier or fighter! This basically means anyone hustling in the big city is a warrior of sorts, after all we are all doing our best and making our mark acquiring knowledge with every experience that comes our way and becoming better with every battle.Now that thats clear let us look at the relationship between the two words. A warrior is basically a hero and a hero a warrior,an experienced fighter is one who has definitely been through some big battles and has lived to tell the tale as such he is respected by all who know him and as a result of the wisdom and strength he has gained through experience he has a responsibility to protect those around him, note that a warrior was not merely defined as a soldier or fighter ,he was defined as an experienced soldier or fighter.That classifies him and sets him apart from the rest making him a hero among fighters!


When people come across the term “African warrior” the first thing that pops into their minds is something like this…..


the African warrior?

…to such people I say try to think outside the box once in a while! Now this is the definition of the African warrior……

see the difference? An African warrior is not just some blade swinging warrior who takes no prisoners , an African warrior is any African who through unbelievable experiences has gained the strength and power to help and defend those who surround him or her! An African warrior must not necessarily originate from some mystical or spiritual background (though the case is at the moment most of them do) but he can be spawned from a technological,scientific or just any source imagined!


The characters above clearly illustrate the difference! The two characters in question have a power set similar to superman’s (kinda like Goku) but what sets them apart? One of them is truly African and the other has little to no African traits except for his skin color. While Kwezi as a typical African teen talks,acts and looks like one Guardian prime seems to be little more than an imitation of superman, I mean Kwezi even has the map of Africa on his shirt. Another factor could be because of how heavily superman influences guardian prime we have not really gotten to see a  more personal and Nigerian outlook of the character that said it still boils down to the same issue ,Guardian prime’s story is forced to kowtow to the demands of the American industry  to the point where you look at guardian prime and the first guy you think about is superman.

In all honesty the point at which a character can be defined as an African warrior or an African superhero at least according to me is quite blur but the one thing I can say for certain is the moment the character displays more American traits as opposed to African that is where he basically becomes an African superhero which is basically  a superhero and the way I see it superheroes are not African in the least bit making the term African superhero an antithesis at the very least.That said the genre of the African warrior could just be as diverse as that of the superhero but for it to be original it must first be truly African!