November 4, 2019 6 By sammykwame

The iPhone is one of the most recognizable brands globally but is it really worth investing into? Here are a few reasons I most certainly would not buy an iphone!


The Apple brand is nothing more than a prestigious brand, meaning for any product released, the price will be bloated beyond compare. The reason for this is said to be the materials acquired for manufacturing.

Quality materials they say, and yet an important part of the phone on which the user depends to interact with device (the screen) is the cheapest on the market(LED,LCD).

The prices of Apple’s cheap screen replacement range from $146-$200 with icare+, the 1st iPhone to the last iPhone before the iPhone x(8 plus) used very cheap screens and yet the device is priced extremely high, all the while competitors like Samsung are noted for using quality screens(OLED).

The very first Samsung phone to use an AMOLED screen (a type of OLED) this was the Samsung i7 110, which was announced in late October 2008, but did not hit the market until February 2009 whiles the fist iPhone to use an OLED screen was lunched in September 2017.

Do the math and you will realize Apple lacks a certain initiative and for that matter Samsung is always on-top of the Tech innovative chains alongside other Droid manufacturers.

    Fun-factThe top 5 most expensive phone are all iphones predating iPhone 7.

Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond Price is priced at $48.5 million and is currently the most expensive phone. (custom made


As prestigious as the device is, one is expected to spend more and more bucks to get a satiable storage capacity, something that is a very essential part of the device.

Consider buying an iPhone for a price and having to pay more and at some point having to repay that same cost of the old one to get the same phone with much bigger storage.

Android competitors like Samsung offer larger storage for lesser prices, probably because they manufacture some parts themselves while Apple outsources to other companies.1

The cost of 64gb is almost 2 times that of 512gb for confirmation check  


An ecosystem is  as a biological community of interacting organisms. In tech terms, this means a group of devices with some software that enables the need for one collaborative network.

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    Apple made sure to put measures in-place for that purpose back when the iPod was popular, but this came with some cons, users could only rip music CD’s or buy them from iTunes but with time, these restrictions have loosened and consequently many users have huge libraries of music and other media from iTunes.

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Some of these things can be moved out, but many can’t, and even for those that can Apple doesn’t make it easy for you. At the same time, access to the iTunes store was restricted to Apple devices and if you wished to switch to another smartphone platform, you would have a very difficult time getting your stuff over to it if it were in Apple’s ecosystem.

Strategies were employed, such as removing the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 in order to push users to buy AirPods. The fluency of set-up also creates the want for the wireless earbuds as does the fluency of use within the ecosystem. AirPods use a W1 chip which can automatically connect to any device on one’s iCloud account.


Apples is finding more ways of trapping users into their ecosystem which is a valid motive of every manufacturer, but Apple does this while extorting money from them. The Apple TV+, AppleCare+ and more are the ends while the phones are noting but the means.

Families of devices or ‘ecosystems’ create a sense of consistency and ease in a consumers life most of the time, but in Apples case is it good for the consumer? Does it keep us connected and happy or is it just to make us spend more money?