January 15, 2020 2 By MrKofi

Okay, so for us fans of Unordinary Jon needs no introduction. We all know him as the kind and cool headed lovable fellow who could never hurt a fly, right?!

So I’ve been reading Unordinary for about a year now and I must say it has some of the best character development I have seen as far as webtoons are concerned.

I mean don’t get me wrong webtoons are great and all but when the likes of Nobleese and God of Highschool come to mind you can’t fault me for thinking these guys could do slightly better when it comes to developing their characters.

Anyway so back to Unordinary, John is a pretty ….interesting guy! When we first meet him he’s just this all round nice guy with perfectly gelled hair and a constant smile.

Those were the good old days, now he’s a tyrant who beats the sh*t outta people just for kicks and has no regard for anyone with the exception of Seraphina….and his dad!

So the million dollar question… did Jon get from “goody two shoes” to “I run this town!”? Let’s find out.

So we know Jon has had powers even before he entered Welston and we know he was a late bloomer, meaning he got his powers late. We also know he has a bit of a history in which he nearly killed half his class for standing against him but what we don’t know is why is he so messed up in the head?

You see lets take things into context here, if you look at things critically John is nothing more than a victim and before you get to lynching me let me explain!

The world of Unordinary has a very simple rule, might makes right. People are placed above others based solely on how powerful they are. It is how things are and even though it seems messed up it’s simply the way the society is structured!

It is up to the most powerful in the society to maintain order, or at least their version of order and they get to intimidate and abuse everyone else as they see fit.

Jon is guilty of only one thing… not been intimidated and in a sick twist of irony he has come to personify everything wrong with their society, not because his actions are wrong as Arlo, Remi or even Sera would have as believe but because his very existence is a hard cold manifestation of their society’s failure and hypocrisy!

You see if you’ve ever watched Code Geass you would remember the MC of that show Lelouch once asked a question…. if strength is justice, then is powerlessness a crime? Jon’s very existence is this question embodied and it’s a question the royals, I mean the former royals cannot answer without been hypocritical!

You see in the world of Unordinary Powerlessness, unfortunately is a crime! It’s the reason Jon was abused while he was a cripple, he was been punished for the most heinous act imaginable, not having power!

Now in spite of that he soldiered on, living a happy and solitary life, content with just been with Seraphina, now most people forget his fits of violence only started after he put the beatdown on Arlo and his thugs, and there is a reason for that.

Ever since he entered Welston he was trying his best to be a better person, be above the society and live outside it’s outlandish rules, this was because he had been made to believe he was a monster for simply acting the way society dictated he should act.

Now the moment he unleashed his power he regressed, he had been pulled back into this ludicrous society’s way of life and to him he was now no better than everyone else.

Jon from the beginning was inspired by the hero of his dad’s book Unordinary, meaning like many he sees the fundamental flaw his society has and thus tries to rise above it, but thanks to Arlo in a single act of rage, all of that was gone!

Now here’s where Unordinary’s society gets very Hypocritical, if might makes right then it should by all means mean that anyone with true power should be able to do as they please and Jon shows them what that truly means.

You see in the end the society is still made up of people and they understand on a fundamental level that that way of life is wrong, but those on top can’t help but feel entitled because well..they’re on top and as the order suits them they just roll with it.

Jon shows them the true consequence of their decision in that in a world where might makes right, there is no such thing as brutality, the only reason the former royals make such a fuss is simple, because they are weak and they are scared, not because of some sense of Justice.

If it were truly justice they were after they would have been fighting against the social order long ago but it’s not, they are just scared of a force that’s beyond them and as a result they’re crying foul.

Now here’s the thing, every time Jon loses it, it’s because he’s ashamed and disgusted by the acts he’s committing and he blames the society for making him that way.

He forces his punishment on the hypocrites who made it impossible for him to be a hero, for him to live in a world where all are equal, where there is true fairness and justice.

His brutality is not of his making but the society’s! We all have a choice but is it really a choice when the morality of your world dictates that as a stronger entity you must impose your will over a deemed lesser entity!

Or can you be blamed when your society is not even clear on the rules of it’s own morality. Jon isn’t abusive, the whole world is, everyday we see these kids send each other to the hospital, the only reason Jon is any different, is because he does it better than all of them combined!

He’s a wake up call, simply screaming out to the establishment that it’s confused and self destructive. He’s the victim of a misguided world that doesn’t even know what it wants!

So the next time you decide to hate on him, ask yourself if you were him are you sure you would do any better, quite frankly, I think most of us are likely to do worse but the real tragedy is that, we’ll never know!