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Kuroko no Basket is a great sports anime. It’s full of colorful characters with different personalities and traits that combine to make a great sports anime.

But which characters are the best in the anime?

This is our list of the top 10 characters in Kuroko no Basket.


Kuroko no basket characters TETSUYA KUROKO

The secret weapon of the Generation of Miracles and the Seirin Basketball Team, Kuroko is an anomaly compared to other anime main characters.

Small, frail, slow, and easy to miss, Kuroko isn’t good at basketball when he starts out. And, despite his best efforts, he doesn’t get better even though he tries his best in training.

But in his weakness, he finds his strength; the ability to trick opposing teams and enhance his team’s offense with his misdirection, passing, and steals. Kuroko continually improves on offense as well. He develops a dribble and a reliable shot that make use of his misdirection talents as well.

Kuroko tends to be deadpan in his mannerisms but he extremely kind and thoughtful. That only changes when he gets angered by bullying and dirty play.



The aggressive juggernaut of Seirin, Kagami grew up playing basketball in the USA. His initial disappointment with the low skill level of Japanese basketball fades quickly when he meets the Generation of Miracles.

Kagami is a great all-rounder but his ability to jump is unmatched. This allows him to elude blockers when shooting jump shots and block players taller than him. But his talent is at its best when he’s throwing down dunks with unbelievable force.

Playing Kuroko bolsters his incredible offense and calms him down when his temper threatens to get in the way.

Kagami’s grades in school are…not great but he is a wonderful cook and he loves to eat.



The rookie of the Generation of Miracles, Kise was inspired to play basketball after seeing Aomine in action.

A quick learner and gifted talent, Kise can perfectly mimic any technique after he sees it just once. That enables him to use his superior physical ability to improve upon those techniques.

As the anime progresses, Kise continually improves his mimicry skills. He replicates the fluid agility of Aomine and the other signature skills of his former teammates, the Generation of Miracles.

As such, Kise is extremely creative. His skills allow him to counter any situation he finds himself in by mixing various skills together where necessary.

Easygoing and cheerful, Kise is good looking and models clothing in his spare time to make ends meet.


Kuroko no basket characters DAIKI AOMINE

Aomine starts off as a kid playing street basketball. With his fluid and aggressive style, he easily becomes the best player among the Generation of Miracles.

In junior high, he is Kuroko’s best friend and frequent partner on the court. His unpredictable style is more powerful with Kuroko’s misdirection.

His desire to play soon turns into apathy as opposing players quickly tire of competing with him. As such, he develops a jaded and sardonic personality because of it.

Only Kuroko and Kagami are capable of drawing out that former fire to play basketball. After losing to them, Aomine begins to open up more and more.

Aomine also has a softer side despite his apathetic tendencies. He defends Kuroko from one of his own teammates and he steps in to protect Kise from a former teammate.



The outside specialist, Midorima gives the words ‘obsessive’ and ‘superstitious’ new meaning.

He always takes measures to keep his karma positive and is meticulously rigid with how he cares for his hands.

His extreme and strange dedication cannot be questioned as Midorima is renowned for his ability to never miss.

He can be blocked, he can be stripped of the ball but once he completes his shot…Midorima does not miss.

He also has a very helpful side that appears to contrast with standoffish nature. He tends to assist both friends and rivals alike when necessary.


Kuroko no basket characters SEIJURO AKASHI

Our tragic and conflicted antagonist, Akashi’s story can’t help but make you sympathize with him. His ascent into a tyrant, ruling his teammates with an iron fist, seems almost inevitable.

A gifted leader, Akashi captains the Generation of Miracles and the Rakuzan Basketball Team. He can stun opposing players with his ankle-breaking dribbles or improve his teammates with perfect rhythm passing.

His ability to predict the actions of opposing teams is dangerous when he uses his strategic intellect too. This allows him to lockdown all opposing players defensively or switch up an offensive play as it was developing.

Akashi is also able to jump high enough to dunk, despite the fact he’s almost as small as Kuroko.

Akashi is also the only one to recognize and bring out Kuroko’s true talent. A feat he replicates in high school with another player.



She may not be a basketball player but Riko earns her place among the top Kuroko no Basket characters.

The daughter of a sports trainer, Riko gives older coaches with more experience a run for their money.

Riko’s talent is her ability to evaluate physical ability from seeing one’s muscle definition. With this knowledge, Riko is able to create one of the best offenses among high school basketball teams.

She is very dedicated to her team, frequently cooking up meals with supplements to help them. Unfortunately she is a terrible cook and only improves after Kagami shows her how to make curry.

Riko’s emotional state is shown to be volatile, she can switch from nonchalant and happy to heatedly intense instantly.


Kuroko no basket characters SATSUKI MOMOI

Despite the fact that she initially comes off as a bubbly fangirl, Momoi is anything but an airhead.

She is a brilliant analyst and strategist. Capable of determining the capability of opposing teams, she rivals Akashi with strategies that are nearly flawless. Momoi even managed to create a strategy that managed to halt Kuroko’s misdirection until he turned it around.

She also has an intense crush on Kuroko which frustrates almost all the Kuroko no Basket characters. She always hugs him gleefully every time they meet up.

As Aomine’s childhood friend, she is one of the few people for whom he will attempt friendliness, and Momoi also cares deeply about his opinion of her.


Kuroko no basket characters TEPPEI KIYOSHI

The founder and former star of the Seirin Basketball Team, Kiyoshi is the dependable and sturdy rock the team leans on when they need to.

A naturally gifted point guard with handles and passing to match, Kiyoshi sacrifices that to play center for Seirin since that was their shortcoming.

Kiyoshi is also gifted with a strong grip on the basketball and a great sense of timing that allows him to switch up his actions to counter his opponent’s reaction at the last second and compete with taller defenders for rebounds.

Kiyoshi is well-known and respected among his peers for being one of the few players capable of going toe-to-toe with the Generation of Miracles at their peak.

Nicknamed the “Iron-Heart”, Kiyoshi is irrepressibly optimistic, offering encouragement with a big smile and his signature saying (Let’s have some fun!).


Kuroko no basket characters ATSUSHI MURASAKIBARA

The childish but unstoppable juggernaut of the Generation of Miracles, Murasakibara claims to be uniterested in basketball and only plays it because he is very good at it.

This attitude especially puts him at odds with Kuroko who loves basketball despite his inability to succeed at basketball traditionally.

Murasakibara’s disinterest usually has him playing defense until Seirin brings Kuroko and Kiyoshi (his junior high rival) and awakens his drive to crush them.

With his height, speed, strength and wingspan, Murasakibara is able to dominate on both ends of the floor, blocking shots that are almost at their peak or dunking on three defenders at once.

Despite his claims of disinterest in basketball, Murasakibara shows that he does love the sport when digs deep enough to surpass his limits against Seirin.

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