April 12, 2021 0 By T3ssy 3∅1

Jujutsu Kaisen’s anime came out of nowhere and took the anime community by storm during the later half of last year. While some might say that this is partly due to the hype that followed a lot of the series’ bigger fights, there’s no doubt that the show introduced us to quite the cast of interesting characters, both good and evil.

The cast of villains, mainly consisting of cursed spirits is also quite diverse. The dynamic the special grades share is akin to that of a group of friends who’re quite close. It might be weird to say, but some of them are actually my favourite characters, albeit because they’re also great villains.

Below is a list of the strongest Cursed Spirits in the Jujutsu Kaisen Series (excluding the prequal) which is in no particular order.


He is the manifestation of all humans transgressions. A sadistic, immature cursed spirit who sprung into being not too long ago and is casually enjoying his own growth. He is an unregistered special grade cursed spirit, estimated to be equal to about 3-4 of Sukuna’s fingers. He enjoys toying with humans, stating that he can’t help but do it as its in his nature as a cursed spirit. Mahito is a character that goes through quite a surprising amount of development throughout the story, progressively becoming a bigger thorn in the Jujutsu sorcerers’ side as he becomes stronger with every appearance he makes.


The first special grade in the series to be shown speaking human words. Jogo is a cursed spirit born from the fear that people feel towards volcanoes. Thus, he possesses the ability to control lava as well as some other pyrokinetic abilities. Estimated to be equal to 8 or 9 of Sukuna’s fingers, he’s what could be considered a powerhouse amongst cursed spirits. He hates humans, viewing them as impure beings, while at the same time believing that curses are pure because they are born from human’s negativity. He’s managed to survive an encounter with Gojo, albeit because Hanami rescued him.


Another embodiment of the “Humanity is a plague” trope. Hanami is an unregistered special grade grade cursed spirit who belongs to the same faction as Mahito. Though a pacifist by nature, Hanami can hold his own in a fight, as he was able to hold his own against both Yuuji and Todo in the goodwill event arc and even left most of the participating students in bad shape. Hanami is very good at stealth, as even Gojo has stated that he is quite hard to sense and is good at escaping, having evaded Gojo twice before.


A cursed womb that became a cursed spirit not too long ago. Not much is known about his personality, but he was shown to share the same arrogance and hatred for humanity as Mahito and Jogo. Aside from that, he is shown to be a very capable fighter as he is a special grade curse, capable of using domain expansion, which is a very exclusive skill that only very few people are capable off. He was also able to overwhelm Nanami, Maki and Naobito Zenin at the same time, Naobito being a Special Grade 1 sorcerer and considered to be the fastest jujutsu sorcerer after Gojo.


The youngest of the three special grade cursed womb death paintings introduced in the series. As the youngest of three brothers, he’s quite weak for a special grade, as Yuji was able to hold his own against him alone, even being able to weaken him enough for Nobara to land the final bow. He shares a poison blood cursed technique with his elder brothers Eso and Choso.


The king of curses himself, Sukuna is stated to be the most powerful cursed spirit to ever exist. He was one of the strongest sorcerers of his time, becoming a cursed spirit after his death. This puts him on another level compared to other special grade cursed spirits. He’s been shown to be far more powerful than other curses of the same grade, even treating them like fodder. He’s also been shown to have an incredible understanding of cursed energy as he is able to use reversed curse techniques, analyze and copy other techniques, and is the only character in the series who can manifest his domain expansion in reality without a barrier, an action akin to painting on air, which shows just how powerful he is.


The second of three brothers, Eso is a special grade cursed womb that Yuji, Megumi and Nobara encountered in the “origin of disobedience” arc. He possesses the same poison blood cursed technique as his brother, Kechizu. He also possesses another technique called wing king, which allows him to manipulate his blood like tentacles, which is very useful in battle. He cares a lot for his siblings and was incredibly angry when Nobara killed his brother, promising to avenge him. He also appears to not like unnecessary conflict, as he promised to let Yuji and his friends go if they left and allowed him complete his mission peacefully.


The eldest of the special grade cursed womb death paintings, Choso is the strongest of the three brothers. He cares deeply for his brother’s and was visibly shocked when he sensed their deaths at the hands of Yuji and Nobara. He possesses the same poison blood technique as his brothers as well as the Kamo clan’s blood manipulation cursed technique which makes him quite a powerful individual, as he was able to overwhelm and even defeat Yuji in Shibuya. As a human/curse hybrid, he is able to convert his cursed energy into blood which keeps him from dying due to overuse of his cursed technique.