May 31, 2021 0 By zacada

Rivalry! The life blood of all shonen conflict, it starts with someone wanting to be the best. Goku and Vegeta, Natsu and Grey, Naruto and emo boy (I mean Sasuke), even new comers of shonen Asta and Yuno. Yet none of them have really shown a positive progressive side of rivals.

My hero academia’s rivalry between Deku (Izuku Midoriya), the chosen one and the current holder of One for All, and Katsuki Bakugo, the glycerine sweating hot headed, hot tempered, bombing king, is centred on their mutual love, respect and idolization of All Might, The worlds number 1 Hero and the symbol of peace and Justice.

So how’s is this like brotherhood in terms of growing up with a sibling? Well it’s how their relationship has evolved from a bullying toxic relationship to what it current is now (as of season 4) a mutual beneficial relationship in which one wants to see the other grow… so when they defeat each other at their best it can solidify who is the strongest.

And I personally like that. Let’s compare their rivalry to the Grandaddy of shonen rivalries, dragon balls Goku and Vegeta, and a rivalry that has been wierd, in my opinion, Naruto vs Sasuke.

Goku and Vegeta’s rivalry has been enduring for years, decades in real life, and although it’s clear who the more skilled fighter is, Goku, Vegeta’s resolve to surpass Kakarot (Goku) is like looking at a wall and getting ever so close to it only for the wall to move further away, or Vegeta’s case the wall crumbles to reveal a wall more powerful than the last.

It always seems like Vegeta is trying to surpass kakarot. Whereas Goku, the lucky go happy guy trains and gets stronger selfishly, not with the negative connotation of he is greedy, Goku wants to be stronger and better than he was yesterday which is why he is eager for a next challenge to arrive and see where he needs to improve. In a sense, his rival is the universe itself, how strong can he get and Vegeta chasing kakarot benefits them both considering that they both tap into reserves of power that they didn’t even know they had.

If one gets stronger the other will follow suit. Just like Deku and Bakugo, Deku literally mimics Bakugos moves earlier on in the series. He, like Vegeta, has been chasing Bakugou even before U.A.

On the other hand, their relationship started of really toxic. Especially Bakugo in the first episode telling Deku to jump off a building cause he’s useless, that’s really harsh. Especially in those formative years were teens internalize a lot of information they get from the world.

Good thing Deku is a nerd for new information concerning heroes he finds interesting, even Bakugo. Compare their start to Naruto and Sasuke earlier. Their rivalry isn’t as toxic, I would say it was beneficial in forming their bonds of friendship.

Sasuke was a prodigy, a gifted shinobi who suffered a lot. Naruto is the hyperactive knuckle head ninja with a power booster in his body, I mean y’all know Kurama was kind of a cheat for Naruto right.

They both envied each other for what they both lacked. And as the story progresses they did support each other, mostly for the sake of missions, and it in turned strengthened their bond, somewhat. See although they became friendly, Sasuke did grow some hidden resentment torwards Naruto wanting to be as powerful if not more so.

So when he left the village to gain more power, and stuff happened, I feel that the Sasuke and Naruto rivalry dissipated. It became less of improvement and more of a “save his soul” type of mission.

Which is fine, but then that’s it Sasuke is still a loner and Naruto is president Hokage. Hence why I say their rivalry was weird, in my opinion. Compared to MHA, their rivalry is better than in Naruto they address and progress past their animosity, as one sided as it was, and it benefits both in the end. Although I take into consideration that Naruto has ended and MHA is still ongoing anything can happen.

So, what makes their relationship so special like a brotherhood. Well I mean they practically grew up together as kids staying in the same neighbourhood.

They both idolize All Might. Their paths diverge like any brother or sibling relationship even if they group up in the same house. One may want to be a doctor, the other an engineer. One may have the chops to succeed the other has to struggle and fail.

One wants to save everyone with a smile, the other wants to always win no matte what. The mark of a good healthy rivalry is the strive to see the other succeed, even though one must be higher than another.

I say Bakugo and Deku are like Brothers, mainly because of this scene in season 3. After All Might comforts Bakugo and Midoriya and Bakugo start bickering back and forth about who will be the next number 1. Also because of the movie but I don’t wanna spoil that yet.

Their relationship with All Might has been the connecting positive force that gives their rivalry a healthier strengthening of their bond and gives their brotherhood some legitimacy. Now if only Bakugo can work on his attitude towards others.