June 1, 2021 2 By MrKofi

Blood of Zeus’ Hera has become quite infamous for her cruelty. Blood of Zeus as a show was a rather thrilling watch and a big part of that was thanks to Hera. Her scheming and machinations nearly saw Olympus fall. Her wrath put the lives of so many in utter jeopardy, but unlike many I find myself sympathizing with her a great deal. She did prove to be rather cruel, but I do believe as a character and a person Hera deserved far more.

Blood of zeus


Hera’s motivations are pretty simple. As the queen of Olympus it was devastating been disrespected like that. The queen of the gods unable to keep her husband out of the beds of mortals. When one thinks of it there was really little she could have done. A big part of the issue was the sheer irresponsibility Zeus displayed. Hera had already tolerated so much. His many bastards roamed the halls of Olympus and many more had walked amongst men as heroes.


Heron was just the latest and by then a lot of what happened next had been a long time coming. It was obvious that her vengeance was never really directed towards the children she attacked. It was always focused towards Zeus himself. She trying to kill them was her way of getting to him. In many ways I’d say he was the real villain. Hera’s attack on Olympus and her release of the giants can be seen as the ultimate betrayal. Betrayal she had had to endure many times over.

But beyond that I imagine Hera also saw many of her actions necessary. It was not just petty vengeance. It was her trying to save Olympus from an irresponsible king who would eventually have brought it to it’s knees. The support she received from numerous other Olympians shows she wasn’t the only one who thought as much.

The truth is from a critical lens Hera’s actions were almost expected. In all honesty she had demonstrated extreme patience. Given the situation it is miraculous she didn’t do any of this far earlier. That said she must have been harboring such thoughts for quite a while.


Blood of zeus Hera

I believe she held back for so long for so many reasons. One being she did not seek to tear Olympus apart. The biggest reason been the sheer love she genuinely felt for Zeus. It was not just out of spite or her bruised ego. It was not any form of posturing. She was hurt, she was really hurt and still hurting.

A powerful goddess like herself would not have known how to cope with it. One simply needs to remember the scene in which Zeus saves her for all to be clear. The way she looks at him. Even then she was enamored. She must have expected so much more.

Blood of Zeus is a story about people above everything. The Olympians may be gods but like the mythical figures they were drawn from they are people. People with flaws and hearts who are far from perfect. People with hopes and dreams they will never see realized. Individuals who like men try as they might cannot seem to escape the tragedies of life.

Blood of Zeus’ Hera was one such individual. She loved, she dreamed, and she suffered for it. In the end, she deserved so much more.