Jujutsu Kaisen’s anime came out of nowhere and took the anime community by storm during the later half of last year. While some might say that this is partly due to the hype that followed a lot of the series’ bigger fights, there’s no doubt that the show introduced us to quite the cast of interesting characters, both good and evil.

The cast of villains, mainly consisting of cursed spirits is also quite diverse. The dynamic the special grades share is akin to that of a group of friends who’re quite close. It might be weird to say, but some of them are actually my favourite characters, albeit because they’re also great villains.

Below is a list of the strongest Cursed Spirits in the Jujutsu Kaisen Series (excluding the prequal) which is in no particular order.


He is the manifestation of all humans transgressions. A sadistic, immature cursed spirit who sprung into being not too long ago and is casually enjoying his own growth. He is an unregistered special grade cursed spirit, estimated to be equal to about 3-4 of Sukuna’s fingers. He enjoys toying with humans, stating that he can’t help but do it as its in his nature as a cursed spirit. Mahito is a character that goes through quite a surprising amount of development throughout the story, progressively becoming a bigger thorn in the Jujutsu sorcerers’ side as he becomes stronger with every appearance he makes.


The first special grade in the series to be shown speaking human words. Jogo is a cursed spirit born from the fear that people feel towards volcanoes. Thus, he possesses the ability to control lava as well as some other pyrokinetic abilities. Estimated to be equal to 8 or 9 of Sukuna’s fingers, he’s what could be considered a powerhouse amongst cursed spirits. He hates humans, viewing them as impure beings, while at the same time believing that curses are pure because they are born from human’s negativity. He’s managed to survive an encounter with Gojo, albeit because Hanami rescued him.


Another embodiment of the “Humanity is a plague” trope. Hanami is an unregistered special grade grade cursed spirit who belongs to the same faction as Mahito. Though a pacifist by nature, Hanami can hold his own in a fight, as he was able to hold his own against both Yuuji and Todo in the goodwill event arc and even left most of the participating students in bad shape. Hanami is very good at stealth, as even Gojo has stated that he is quite hard to sense and is good at escaping, having evaded Gojo twice before.


A cursed womb that became a cursed spirit not too long ago. Not much is known about his personality, but he was shown to share the same arrogance and hatred for humanity as Mahito and Jogo. Aside from that, he is shown to be a very capable fighter as he is a special grade curse, capable of using domain expansion, which is a very exclusive skill that only very few people are capable off. He was also able to overwhelm Nanami, Maki and Naobito Zenin at the same time, Naobito being a Special Grade 1 sorcerer and considered to be the fastest jujutsu sorcerer after Gojo.


The youngest of the three special grade cursed womb death paintings introduced in the series. As the youngest of three brothers, he’s quite weak for a special grade, as Yuji was able to hold his own against him alone, even being able to weaken him enough for Nobara to land the final bow. He shares a poison blood cursed technique with his elder brothers Eso and Choso.


The king of curses himself, Sukuna is stated to be the most powerful cursed spirit to ever exist. He was one of the strongest sorcerers of his time, becoming a cursed spirit after his death. This puts him on another level compared to other special grade cursed spirits. He’s been shown to be far more powerful than other curses of the same grade, even treating them like fodder. He’s also been shown to have an incredible understanding of cursed energy as he is able to use reversed curse techniques, analyze and copy other techniques, and is the only character in the series who can manifest his domain expansion in reality without a barrier, an action akin to painting on air, which shows just how powerful he is.


The second of three brothers, Eso is a special grade cursed womb that Yuji, Megumi and Nobara encountered in the “origin of disobedience” arc. He possesses the same poison blood cursed technique as his brother, Kechizu. He also possesses another technique called wing king, which allows him to manipulate his blood like tentacles, which is very useful in battle. He cares a lot for his siblings and was incredibly angry when Nobara killed his brother, promising to avenge him. He also appears to not like unnecessary conflict, as he promised to let Yuji and his friends go if they left and allowed him complete his mission peacefully.


The eldest of the special grade cursed womb death paintings, Choso is the strongest of the three brothers. He cares deeply for his brother’s and was visibly shocked when he sensed their deaths at the hands of Yuji and Nobara. He possesses the same poison blood technique as his brothers as well as the Kamo clan’s blood manipulation cursed technique which makes him quite a powerful individual, as he was able to overwhelm and even defeat Yuji in Shibuya. As a human/curse hybrid, he is able to convert his cursed energy into blood which keeps him from dying due to overuse of his cursed technique.


 We’ll create it together… a world where we can live as a family. All of us.

Ray the promised neverland

Introducing Ray the promised neverland is definitely one of the most intriguing stories as far as the Manga is concerned and Ray is a pretty intriguing character to say the least.

He was pretty easy to miss in the very early chapters but as the plot progressed it became obvious just how important he would be to the story. So who is he? and what is his deal?

Ray was initially withdrawn and somewhat cynical. Since then he has since grown to become more compassionate and driven. it’s probably Emma rubbing off on him if you ask me. That said lets get into it. Ten things you didn’t know about Ray.


In volume 5 of the manga, the promised neverland author Kaiu Shirai revealed the birthday’s of Ray, Emma and Norman. Kaiu that Ray’s birthday fell on January 15th making him a capricorn. Kaui however later stated that this date is inaccurate and is yet to give the actual date, but by the looks of things, it is very likely Ray’s birthday will probably remain on the January 15th. Just saying…


This came out as quite a shock to most fans but for those of you now getting into it you probably don’t know but Ray is actually Isabella’s son. You would think that would explain why he’s literally betraying all his friends but it goes beyond that.

It turns out he and mum have been playing a very loooong game of chess and you guessed it, he won….well technically his friends won but all the same…way to make mama proud.


The promised neverland is filled with kids that give the word genius a whole new meaning. Norman, Emma and yes Ray have intellects that just put the average person to shame. As one would expect they do a lot of reading just to stay that smart and by a lot of reading I mean a lot of reading.

Apparently Ray resolved to finish reading all the books in Gracefield house before 12, and he actually does so before his 12th birthday in chapter 32 of the manga.


In an interview for the 100th chapter commemoration questionnaire Kaui Shirai comments on some of Ray’s dreams. Ray has a love for art. This is demonstrated by his wish to see the Monalisa when he and his friends return to the human world.

Kaui said as much in the interview. I hope we get to see him do so in a future chapter, that would really be nice.


Unlike most of the other kids in Gracefieldhouse, or most kids at all. Ray did not experience childhood amnesia. This means he could remember everything that happened to his as a kid, from what happened during his time in his mums wound and even the very early events after his birth.

This meant Ray was fully aware of everything happening with the demons and Gracefield house long before the other children found out. As one would expect, it was this knowledge that drove him into partial isolation.


Ray is voiced by Mariya Ise. Hunter Hunter fans should recognize her as she was also the voice behind Killua!


When Ray was younger most of the books he read were fantasy. This heavily implies his favorite genre is fantasy. Even if that isn’t really the case it’s likely to be one of his favorites as it is revealed he spent a lot of time reading fantasy books especially.


Kaiu Shirai when asked in an interview which character in the promised neverland he was most like he replied Ray, describing how he tends to get desperate and throw in the towel much like the slightly crazy side of Ray.


Ray is named after the American singer Ray Charles. This was revealed in two manga pages that were showed to high score players of a game launched on the manga’s official site. In these pages Isabella explains how she got the name Ray while listening to Ray Charles.


In the special Q and A section of volme 13 of the manga Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu both revealed earlier intentions to have Ray die earlier in the story. They later decided against this however and completely scrapped that idea all together. A tough cookie that one, that’s for sure.


The fourth episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ended on a very shocking note. John Walker, the new Captain America used a symbol of hope and justice for America to brutally kill a man. An action that the whole world watched.

This moment, by itself, could probably be viewed as the darkest moment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So one can’t help but wonder if the shield will forever be tied to that incredibly dark moment.


The iconic and easily recognizable shield is tied to the man who made it the symbol it is today.

Captain America did his press tour with a shield with the flag of the USA painted on it. That shield was mostly decorative and proved insufficient in his first confrontation with the Red Skull. As such, he needed a new one when he officially led a military unit.

At that moment, Steve could have gone with any number of weapons but he chose another shield because his first instinct is to defend against oppressive forces.

Even when the shield breaks, Steve Rogers does not waver.

The shield is iconic because the man who held it is iconic.


This iconic symbol in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier first started off as a memorial of the man who carried it and inspiration to the new generation of heroes who would follow in Captain America’s steps.

Sam Wilson gives the shield to the Smithsonian to fulfill that and find his own path. However, the US government immediately chooses to create a legacy title. They choose someone else to take up the mantle of the icon.

But this time, the choice made is the exact antithesis of Steve Rogers. John Walker isn’t chosen because he’s a good man, rather it’s because he’s a good soldier.

But John Walker needs a lot more than a shield to have the impact Steve Rogers had.


John Walker’s journey as Captain America has been plagued with self-doubt and failure.

His first confrontation in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ended in failure. That begun a sizeable list of dead ends and roadblocks for the new poster boy.

John’s struggles come to a head in the fourth episode when consecutive losses push him to taking a super soldier serum.

Unfortunately, his new powers still can’t stop him from failing as his next fight results in the death of his best friend. Lemar Hoskins (Battlestar) comes in to stop Karli Morgenthau from killing John and takes a fatal blow instead.

John snaps and uses the iconic monument for truth, justice, and the American way to brutally kill a man in full view of the world.


There is no telling what the fallout from this disastrous action will be but it’s sure to be massive.

Public uproar against the US, the GRC (Global Repatriation Council), and John is bound to be swift and very negative. The powers that be will have a lot on their hands to clean up.

Sam might have to deal with the unfortunate fact that his giving up the shield led to this. It is by no means his fault but cleaning up this mess is likely to be his problem.

Karli and the Flag Smashers might increase their support but the death of Battlestar is a whole new problem that they created.

Can the shield ever move past this dark moment? We can only wait and see.

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So I’ve been reading Boruto Naruto next generations for a while now and I think it’s safe to say it’s been doing fairly well considering everything. I mean after Naruto ended we all knew there was very little chance that Boruto would be able to live up to the original, and fans were a bit worried that it might even turn out to be an utter flop, but despite that, it’s managed to do pretty well for itself.

That said, there are some glaring problems that continue to plague both the manga and anime to this day, and needless to say I think the biggest problem is the mere fact that unfortunately, Boruto Naruto next generations simply put has been a victim of it’s predecessors overwhelming success.

Now one would have imagined that with Boruto standing on the back of a juggernaut the likes on Naruto it would have had a much easier time, but as it turns out, no such luck.

You see since the manga and more importantly the anime started, fans have complained about a lack-luster plot, bland characters and the series generally failing to make a whole lot of sense, now don’t get me wrong, there have been instances where the manga and anime especially made utter messes, but I really feel there is more to the issue than the Boruto Naruto next generations manga and anime simply been of lower quality compared to their predecessors.

I believe a lot of the issues Boruto is currently facing may in fact stem from the way Naruto’s ending was handled. Madara’s undeserved end and the ass pull that was Kaguya Otsuki, disastrous as those two events were at the time they sewed the seeds for many of the issues currently plaguing Boruto.

So let’s start, I think the first thing we probably should discuss is the mere comparison between Boruto and Naruto and how said comparisons may be doing more to hurt Boruto than anything else. You see funny enough the Boruto anime seems to be doing pretty well in Japan, but it’s outside Japan than it has faced a lot of criticism and I think this says plenty about what the actual issues are.

Those who have been quick to criticize Boruto anime or manga seem to forget just how the Naruto anime started. The questionable animation, and long drawn out sequences, don’t get me wrong, by the time we reach the land of the waves arc the manga had really begun to kick off, but it wasn’t yet the Naruto we know and love today.

That Naruto took years of build up to reach, episodes of slowly fleshing out characters and refining plot until the very first encounter with the Akatsuki, but Boruto on the other hand was not given the freedom or opportunity for such build up.

From the get go people expected the fire and intensity that was Naruto shippuden because frankly after years of following these characters, that was what we had gotten used to, that was the standard, but that been said one might think an argument can still be made for the critics. I mean after all once Naruto had done the heavy lifting one would have expected Boruto to just pick up where Naruto left off, but the unfortunate thing is, things were simply not that …well… simple.

Boruto was now saddled with the unenviable task of finding a new direction for characters that had been fleshed out for essentially what would amount to decades, characters who in that final arc were elevated to such a level, there was simply too little if any room for any major development, the fortunate thing should have been the fact that this wasn’t supposed to be a mere continuation of their story, this was supposed to be a completely new story about completely new characters.

The unfortunate thing is that these new characters may have as well been little more than side characters because the mere fact they were put right alongside fan favorites who were essentially their parents just made it difficult for fans to give them the attention they truly deserved.

I mean the fact is for the most part, a lot of us spent more time waiting for Naruto or Sasuke or some one from the old gang to show up, rather than genuinely follow what Boruto, Shikadai, Mitsuki and Sarada were up to and the truth is, you cannot fault fans. Why would they care about these new characters when the ones they’ve known their whole lives were right there?

This dynamic has created a situation that any writer would dread, as any attempt to completely remove or relegate these fan favorites to the background may simply discourage continuing fans to follow, but not doing so also gives them very little room to actually develop any characters at all, and it is for reasons like this we’ve been forced to witness the disaster that is the death of Kurama before our very eyes.

The truth of the matter is the writers have no where else to go, they have been forced to resort to tearing down years of progress and development just to create room for more. Make no mistake Kurama’s death was a monumental error, one that will comeback to bite the plot as the story progresses, knocking Naruto and Sasuke down to such an extent was unsightly to say the least but that’s where it has gotten.

This hammers home the initial point, how the focus has almost completely shifted from the core cast which should have seen some development to Naruto and Sasuke who are rather been torn down in a misguided attempt to progress the plot.

The unfortunate fact is that given the situation, it would have been far better if both characters were simply not in Boruto Naruto next generations to begin with. So for now we’ll just have to see how it goes, but the truth is if things are going to get better, the writers are going to need to get far more creative.


Based on the popular comic book series created by Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker, Invincible follows the story of Mark Grayson (voiced by Steven Yeun), son of the most powerful hero on the planet; Omni-Man (voiced by J.K. Simmons). As he is introduced to the greater world of heroes around him, Mark struggles with his powers and the realization that his father may not be as heroic as he seems.

In the style of the super heroics that has taken over TV lately (The Umbrella Academy, The Boys), Invincible aims to tell a mature story with the kind of visceral action that those shows before it portrayed.

There’s just one problem…it’s an animated show, animated like the kind of fare you’d expect to find on the Cartoon Network.

The first action scene of the premiere does include some blood and gore when the Guardians of the Globe and Omni-Man defend the White House but it is used sparingly and manages to convey the kind of power behind each character’s attacks.

Unfortunately, the shift to more…brutal effects is incredibly jarring, made worse by the animation style.

It’s possible that the show creators intended this effect to play out the way it does now, creating a startling realization of how real things can get when super heroic forces are at play but this feeling isn’t conveyed properly.

Samurai Jack (created by Genndy Tartakovsky) featured a similar shift in its final season as Jack had to contend with and kill human opponents. However, that series managed to include an examination of Jack’s character that prepared the audience for the next time Jack had to shed blood.

Invincible, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be in a spot to have that moment with its audience. It is effectively setting up its world, characters and plot points that will carry on for the rest of the season but the need for this extremely graphic depiction of violence in such fashion isn’t clear.

It could be argued that the bloody gore makes the show grittier and more realistic but that argument holds little water after shows like The Mandalorian proved that such elements can be introduced with the need for over-the-top brutality.

Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge provides an excellent example of how to mix this level of blood and gore with this kind of animation. Every brutal fight in the movie somehow manages to keep the connection with its art style.

The original comic had an art style that meshed well with its depiction of violence so it’s curious that the series didn’t try for a style that hewed closely to that of its comic counterpart.


Invincible delivers a great story with colorful characters and an amazing world. The action is kinetic fun that is held back by the combination of cartoonish art style and graphic violence but it is still worth your time.


I’ve been watching RWBY for about five years now and needless to say, I love it. The world of Remnant the amazing RWBY characters, and wonderful crew behind it. It’s a show born from the dream of one man. A man who really loved awesome fight scenes, …RIP Monty… but since it started it has seen it’s ups and downs, and has had it’s fair share of backlash.

That said in the end it’s a show we all love, but that doesn’t mean we love all the characters in it now does it? Here are 10 RWBY characters we all absolutely love to hate!…you’re welcome…


First up is the speeding Harriet, it’s amazing just how much hate she’s garnered considering the fact we’ve known her for barely what?…. two seasons?! But in all honesty Harriet is a bit of a handful, when we first see her, she’s cocky and smug, but for good reason I guess, but this season, she’s just been plain mean!

We could try and make a case for why she has been particularly terrible this season, but I have a feeling the bunch of you could not care less!


Okay so in more recent years we’ve all come to love Weiss but man has she come a long way! I’m sure we all remember when we first ran into her on Ruby’s first day at Beacon. The proud and pompous heiress who could not fathom that the whole world did not revolve around her.

She really has come a long way, but sorry after 3 years of been a pain I just couldn’t let it go thus her earning a spot on this much dreaded list!


Believe it or not this is not the last Schnee we’ll be seeing on this list and funny enough he’s not the worst one. I’ve got one word for you…..brat!

That’s Whitley in a nutshell, but to be fair this season in particular he did grow quite a bit, but considering the fact that it took the looming threat of the destruction of Atlas and Mantle to get him to this point forgive me if I don’t let him off the hook.


I’m sure you all forgot this poor soul, just making sure you all remember him. Cardin Winchester is your typical A-grade jerk, with the smug look and planet sized ego to boot. We really didn’t run into him again after season two and that’s probably a good thing.

I hope he’s grown a bit since we last saw him, but in all honesty it probably doesn’t matter that much considering the fact we’re probably never going to see him again.


Adam…. goodness Adam ffing Taurus . RT legit did this character dirty, I mean he was sooooooo gooood in the early seasons it makes you wonder how on earth things could just spin that badly out of control! Love really can make or break you I guess, but man it still hurts every time I remember just how dirty they did him, but still man …..get a grip!


Next up is mum of the year, just ask Yang, she’ll be happy to tell you all about her! Raven is a complicated character at best, but there is one thing that’s clear….at least half the fandom hates her, and for good reason.

We understand wanting to save your own hide but Raven just gives the word selfish a whole new meaning. In the end, we love her, but I get the feeling we love to hate her more!


Next up is professor Lionheart. I can already hear the sighs. This lions death was nothing short of satisfying, after a season of treachery he finally got what was coming to him, but I think the part that really ticks people off is the fact that when he finally found the spine to fight it was against those he should have been helping. Makes you wonder how he became a headmaster to begin with.


This guy has one sole reason for existing, to be hated. In fact I’m sure it’s thanks to his parenting we’ve got three Schnee’s on this list and only God knows how come it isn’t four. Jacques death this season was a long time coming, but even with all that he somehow still managed to rob us of the satisfaction that should have accompanied it! I honestly wish I could say otherwise, but it’s highly unlikely anyone will miss him.


It’s no exaggeration to say Salem is the second most hated character in the show. Her story, her motivations. It’s unfortunate but she just makes it really hard for anyone to feel anything other than that.

Considering the fact that she’s the show’s big bad perhaps it shouldn’t come as such a surprise, but then again we’ve had bad guys who we just couldn’t help but love! I think it’s safe to say, we’re all just counting down the days till she’s finally taken down for good.


Without a doubt the most hated character in the franchise, if not…..ever! I think what really gets to people is the fact that we thought we were rid of her a few seasons ago, only for her to come back, then there’s the fact that she killed Pyrrha and goodness all the horrible things she has done.

This season ended with her giving us even more reasons to hate her, I mean Penny, why Penny? Bottom line she’s the absolute worst and this list would simply not have been complete without her!


Anime as a medium is jampacked with shows of different genres, often times sharing a lot of clichés between them. While this itself is not bad, there are some shows that decide to do something different and let us view such stories from a villain’s point of view.

Now while said characters might be considered villainous, that in no way means that they are actually evil. Well… some are

Lelouch vi Britannia(Code Geass)

Zero himself. The main protagonist and villain to the code Geass Series. Lelouch’s status is more similar to that of an anti-hero then an actual villain as he does indeed have a righteous desire for the world as a whole making his acts of terrorism somewhat justifiable.

However, that is only on the surface level and the plans he formulates and executes using both his power and intellect push him far away from the path of being a true “good guy”.

Sadao Maou (The Devil is a Part-Timer)

Hey Look, it’s the version of Satan that works at McDonald’s. Quite a funny scenario if I do say so myself.

Now while it may seem a bit funny to most, you’d best not forget what this guy can, and does in the series. While he may be living as a part time in human society it directly change the fact that he is the king of demons, and the most evil and powerful of them.

I mean, imagine he got tired of it all and got up one morning like “F*** the world, I’m destroying it”. That’d be the end of the world

Kumoko (So I’m a Spider, So What?)

As a show that just finished airing not too long ago, it’s a bit surprising that it ended up on this list. Well, to put it shorty, our mc is reincarnated as a spider monster and has to fight other more powerful monsters everyday in order to survive.

Whilst she may seem kind-hearted and innocent at the beginning of the series, she slowly transforms into a powerful apathetic monster who cares little to nothing about the lives of humans. Well ,she doesn’t actually become a true “Villain” until later in the series, but she does have commit certain acts in some small scuffles which essentially take her name out of the “good” camp much earlier.

Tanya von Degurechaff (Saga Of Tanya The Evil)

Well, if you got into this series, you pretty much kew what you were getting into. The title pretty much gives it all away.

Tanya, our protagonist, is thrust into a new world of magical warfare. While this may all be be just a “punishment” from “Being X”, she doesn’t seem to take it to heart and has an easy time getting into the military and obtaining a high rank. Praised as a genius of the modern age, she enjoys killing just as much as any other girl her age would love dolls. Whether it be enemy or ally, if one crosses her it is very likely that they may not have much time left on the planet.

Tanya’s dream is simple: to live a happy, trouble-free life and die a normal, peaceful death, and she’ll go to any length to accomplish it. One word of advice: avoid her at all cost and whatever you do, don’t let her get pissed at you.



Do I really need to add anything else?

He is a gun slinging, bloodthirsty, sadistic freak of nature that fights Nazis. I don’t think I could add anything that’s make you think of him as a good guy. He comes off as “I’m WAY more evil I look” which in quite accurate, all things considered.

Ainz Ooal Gown (Overlord)

Momonga sacrifices more than just his regular human life as he gets stuck in the augmented reality game Yggdrasil. He embraces his new identity as Ainz Ooal Gown while trapped in his avatar form. However, as a result of his character’s in-game tendencies, he continues to drift away from civilization while constantly losing his humanity and murdering countless civilians. He’s pretty much abandoned pursuing the anti-hero path.

Although he does have moments of compassion, he often persists in dubious conduct. It also doesn’t help that his avatar seems to be really evil. As he’s thoroughly embraced his villainous position, and in order to restore the Great Tomb of Nazarick to glory, he has committed unspeakable atrocities and deceived people who might have otherwise seen him as a reliable ally.

Light Yagami (Death Note)

Light as a protagonist is someone that was quite intriguing to watch. Regardless of whether or not you support the actions he takes throughout the duration of the series you cannot deny that there was always a thrill in seeing him outsmart his opponents and lay down complex plans in order to accomplish his goal. His use of the death note and the rules that accompany it are quite the sight to behold.

As a protagonist, he is very fun to watch and very easy to either like or hate but there’s no doubt that he is in fact a cold-hearted villain.

Eren Yeager (Attack on Titan)

Regardless of when or not you’re enjoying season 4 of attack on Titan or not, there’s basically no denying the fact that we’re all thinking about Eren’s current view on morality.

While the mass murder and acts of terrorism he committed in Marley at the beginning of the final season were somewhat justified, the show did not hold back in showing us just how much Eren had changed in between seasons three and four.

Transforming from the talkative brat who couldn’t do anything at first to a cold, calculating freedom fighter, having gone from “I’ll liberate humanity from the Threat of the titans” to “I’ll destroy humans with the power of the Titans”. His character has gone through quite a journey.

We’d know of course; we were with him the whole time.


Three episodes in and the latest MCU show on Disney+ is already proving to be worth the hype.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier picks up the story of Sam Wilson (played by Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes (played by Sebastian Stan) a few months after the climatic battle of Avengers: Endgame. This super heroic odd couple find themselves at odds with an organization called the Flag Smashers; a group of revolutionaries who oppose the return to normal after the Snap united the human race in their grief and loss.

The pair must also come to terms with the US government’s decision to pass the Captain America mantle on to a different soldier and handle the friction that develops between them after they meet John Walker (played by Wyatt Russell).

However, the most crucial plot point (so far) is the reintroduction of Helmut Zemo (played by Daniel Bruhl), the man who masterminded the Avengers split in Captain America: Civil War.

But how exactly does Zemo work in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier?


The biggest surprise was the Zemo was going to be assisting Sam and Bucky in their mission to stop the Flag Smashers because they represent a loose end in his desire to rid the world of super powered individuals.

He is surprisingly friendly to Bucky, given that the Winter Soldier is an enhanced individual but that may be tempered by Bucky’s lack of agency as the assassin of Hydra.

His knowledge of the criminal underworld and resources as a baron prove valuable to the mission as they find a new lead that gets them closer to the Flag Smashers.

Of course, given his history in Marvel Comics and his introduction in Captain America: Civil War, his betrayal of the team seems inevitable.


Despite their obvious reluctance to having Zemo onboard, the trio of Sam, Bucky and Zemo work very well together.

When Sam and Bucky are going off on each other, Zemo is the surprising but useful extra set of eyes on the situation, ready to dish out some realness that the pair might shrug off easily if it came from the other.

Zemo hasn’t automatically become the deciding vote on the team but he is a useful third option to have.

That said, he is still a wildcard and the trouble he sparks at the doctor’s lab is a prime example of that.

Speaking of trouble…


Despite the obvious and subtle benefits he brings to the mission, Zemo is a big problem for Sam and Bucky because of his actions during Captain America: Civil War.

The new Captain America, John Walker, and his companion, Lemar Hoskins aka Battlestar (played by Cle Bennett) are on their trail after Zemo broke out of prison. They might not know the exact specifics but the general idea and power they wield are a big threat to Sam and Bucky.

Even more worrisome, Wakanda sent Ayo (played by Florence Kasumba), one of the Dora Milaje to retrieve Zemo. This is a response to his bombing of the UN meeting, an action that killed T’Chaka, father of T’Challa and then ruler of Wakanda.

Going against the most advanced nation of Earth would be even worse for Sam and Bucky and there’s no telling how much sway Bucky has with the Wakandan government to prevent them from taking Zemo away.


Zemo’s return has elevated The Falcon and the Winter Soldier to more intriguing heights. Given that only three episodes have aired, there’s no telling where the show can go from here on.


Growing old and dying is what gives meaning and beauty to the fleeting span of a human life. It’s precisely because we age and die that our lives have value and nobility. Strength is not a word that means much in regard to the flesh.

-Kyojuro Rengoku

Demon slayer’s Kyojuro Rengoku was a phenomenon to behold, the much beloved character truly stood out in a cast so diverse and fleshed out, it was a feat in it’s own right. Stoic, brave and strong, a hashira in every sense of the word, he fulfilled his duty right to the very end.

It was nothing short of inspiring the way Rengoku carried himself, noble in his endeavors and resolute to cut down evil, but what shone through more than anything was his respect for life, his respect for strength, true strength and the heart he carried that blazed a path through the darkness that surrounded him.

The heart that won him the respect of Tanjiro and his fellow hashira, the heart that won him the love of fans globally and the heart he gladly gave for those who needed him, after all it is the duty of those born strong to defend those who cannot defend themselves. Kyojuro Rengoku was definitely strong, I’m sure we all knew that, that said, here are 10 things you did not know about the flame hashira.


Kyojuro’s surname “Rengoku” means purgatory. His first name Kyojuro contain the Kanji for the words Apricot, longetivity and son. So his name can loosely be translated as the “enduring son of purgatory”. A name Kyojuro Rengoku definitely lived up to.

In the cruel world of demon slayer most don’t live long enough to become hashira and even when they do they don’t stay so for very long, his flaming blade helped purged the world of darkness, a faithful son to the very end as his father Shinjuro Rengoku would testify.


Kyojuro Rengoku is one of the most popular characters in the demon slayer franchise. He is the 7th most popular character to be precise.

Rengoku ranked 7th in the first Demon slayer popularity polls with a little over a 1000 votes and maintained his 7th position in the second poll this time with 8000 votes, so yea he’s a pretty popular guy, but then again was there any doubt?


Kyojuro is definitely the kind of guy who would love to have pets, but unfortunately he never had the opportunity to have any. Apparently his dad Shinjuyo Rengoku had a dislike for animals and that would have been pretty much the end of any hopes he might have entertained.

That said I get a feeling if Rengoku were to have a pet it would be something strong and brave like him, like a falcon….or maybe a wolf?

Kindly comment whatever your thoughts are, I’d really like to hear what you guys think, but I’m heavily leaning towards a falcon!


Ever wondered why the Rengoku men have weird hair? … well you’re not going to believe this but apparently a distant ancestor of theirs ate wayyy too many tempuras causing the hair of his descendants to turn out like a blazing inferno.

I kid you not! Now for those of you who don’t know Tempuras are a Japanese dish consisting of seafood, meat and veggies, battered and deep fried. All of a sudden I’ve got a craving for them…..time to get me some Tempuras


We all saw the kind of fighter Kyujuro Rengoku is in his fight with Azaka, that said it should come as no surprise to many when that he ruptured his own eardrums to counter the flute demon’s demon art in his first mission.

Imagine getting into a fight with this guy, if that’s what he’s willing to do to himself imagine what he’s likely to do to the other guy! It’s unknown if this had permanent effect on his hearing but it’s very likely.


A fighter like him I guess it was to be expected. Kyojuro loves Sumo wrestling and enjoys watching it in his spare time. It’s unknown if he wrestles himself but I wouldn’t put it past him. I mean he’s not as big as your typical wrestler but if you ask me I think he’s got the size for it!


Kyojuro’s favorite food are sweet potatoes, you can tell by the fact that every time he has one he says tasty…delicious! Rengoku also has a favorite side dish; salt grilled bream. An appetite fitting a warrior of his caliber if I do say so myself.

He probably even knows how to cook the darn things, I wonder what his cooking would taste like though…I’m sure it’d be nothing short of delicious.


Rengoku’s birthday falls on May 10 making him a Taurus.I would have initially figured he was a Leo but come to think of it Taurus does make more sense.

Charming, tactful and witty, yup he’s definitely a Taurus, but nothing screams it more than that stoic nature of his. It takes nothing less than the strength of a bull to lose an eye and still keep your smile.


Kyojuro Rengoku is voiced by Satoshi Hino, the very same voice actor who voiced none other than Vinland Saga’s very own Willibald. It must be fun been Satoshi whether he’s a Hashira or priest he’s got the demons fleeing either way.


Last but definitely not least, Kyojuro was a mentor to Mitsuru Kanjiro. She derived her own breathing style the Love breathing style from the flame breathing style.

She has been extremely grateful to him since. It’s just like Kyojuro to help others find their strength. In many ways he did the same for Tanjiro. A hashira, a mentor… a friend!


Based on the Dark Horse comic book line created by Gerard Way, the Umbrella Academy focuses on a dysfunctional family of heroes who must put aside their differences and save the world.

The original comics contained very different material from what would be typically seen from other comics.

The Netflix adaptation made some changes to those genre-defying norms to create a more grounded show.

But what exactly did they change?


Out the gate, some characters have very different powers in the comics.

Diego’s knife skills remain top-notch, but in the comic he is capable of surviving underwater for long periods of time and hasn’t shown the telekinetic bent that was seen in season 2.

Klaus’s powers are also quite different in the comics. While he does still have immortality and the power to communicate with the dead in the comics, he also possesses the powers of telekinesis, flight, astral projection and telepathy (airwave communication). Another small detail in the comics is that he isn’t able to fully harness his powers while wearing shoes so he tends to walk around barefooted.

Luther’s power in the show is super strength, which is even further enhanced when his father uses a serum based on Pogo’s blood to heal him. In the comics however, his head is attached to a martian gorilla which then allows him to use the abilities of one.

Allison’s power to change the minds of people around her is based on her comic ability to warp reality. A hint of this power was seen in the premiere of season 2 but, since then, it sadly has been nowhere to be found.


The version of Hazel and Cha-Cha presented by the comics do not adhere closely to their live-action counterparts.

The comic book versions of these iconic assassins are brutal and psychopathic in their relentless pursuit of the Umbrella Academy, silent and ruthless to the point of absurdity.

In the show, Hazel and Cha-Cha are portrayed as blue-collar workers, still brutal and relentless but much more human. They’re frequently at odds with The Commission as their superiors seem intent on cutting their budget at every turn as they demand more from them.

Hazel, in particular, is shown to be more merciful. It is revealed that he spared the life of a witness to one of his targets and his relationship with Agnes is the primary reason he quits The Commission.

The Swedes (another original creation of the show) take up the role of silent, psychopathic assassins in season two.


Many aspects of Klaus and Vanya were retooled for the express purposes of the show.

Their sexuality isn’t a part of their characterization but it was introduced later as their characters were developed.

Klaus’s relationship with Ben (his dead brother) isn’t even a factor in the comics and all of their shenanigans in the show are completely original. The cult he creates in season 2 is another original idea of the show.

Vanya’s relationships in the show are also original. In the comics, Diego had a thing for her which, thankfully, was changed to create a more interesting sibling dynamic. Her amnesia was pulled directly from the comics but Five shooting her in the head, her subsequent paralysis, and recovery were left in the comics.


Our favorite time traveling assassin is also quite different in the comics.

Aiden Gallagher plays Five brilliantly in the Netflix show, combining his youth with the burdened and cynical demeanor of an elderly man who has seen too much and done too much.

In the comics, Five’s story is much darker.

His attempt to escape the apocalypse result in his kidnapping by the Temps Aeternalis (The Commission in the show) where he is tortured and implanted with the DNA of several serial killers to make him a perfect killer. He is stuck in the body of a ten-year-old when he escapes and he indulges in drugs and alcohol and other incredibly risqué behaviour


Vanya’s love interest in season 1 features a rather drastic change from the comics.

Leonard Peabody (played by John Magaro) was also born on the same day as the children that become the Umbrella Academy but only by coincidence. Growing up in an abusive household, Leonard grows up obsessing about the Umbrella Academy and inserts himself into Vanya’s life as a violin student. His manipulation draws out Vanya’s powers but it also breaks her mental psyche.

In the comics, Vanya is manipulated by a being called The Conductor, head of the Orchestra Verdammten. The orchestra is basically a cult of violinists that seeks to cause the end of the world using Vanya.

In both the comics and the series, Vanya kills her oppressors.


The show also introduces some other original characters to flesh out their story and improve characters.

The Handler (played by Kate Walsh) serves as the primary antagonist for the first two seasons of the Umbrella Academy.

Lila (played by Ritu Arya) is another member of the Commission, Diego’s love interest in season 2 and is revealed to be one of the 43 children born on the same day as the other members of the Umbrella Academy.

Sissy (played by Marin Ireland) and her family are introduced in season 2 and give Vanya the semblance of normalcy that her father indoctrinated into her but Sissy and Vanya discover a romantic connection.

Raymond Chestnut (played by Yusuf Gatewood) is another original character introduced in season 2. His marriage to Allison and his involvement with the civil rights movement also further Allison’s development.


On the whole, the changes made to the Umbrella Academy Netflix adaptation are positive, creating a more human element for viewers to interact with. With season 3 on track, we can’t wait to see what the next chapter has in store for this family.

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