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Ray the promised neverland

Introducing Ray the promised neverland is definitely one of the most intriguing stories as far as the Manga is concerned and Ray is a pretty intriguing character to say the least.

He was pretty easy to miss in the very early chapters but as the plot progressed it became obvious just how important he would be to the story. So who is he? and what is his deal?

Ray was initially withdrawn and somewhat cynical. Since then he has since grown to become more compassionate and driven. it’s probably Emma rubbing off on him if you ask me. That said lets get into it. Ten things you didn’t know about Ray.


In volume 5 of the manga, the promised neverland author Kaiu Shirai revealed the birthday’s of Ray, Emma and Norman. Kaiu that Ray’s birthday fell on January 15th making him a capricorn. Kaui however later stated that this date is inaccurate and is yet to give the actual date, but by the looks of things, it is very likely Ray’s birthday will probably remain on the January 15th. Just saying…


This came out as quite a shock to most fans but for those of you now getting into it you probably don’t know but Ray is actually Isabella’s son. You would think that would explain why he’s literally betraying all his friends but it goes beyond that.

It turns out he and mum have been playing a very loooong game of chess and you guessed it, he won….well technically his friends won but all the same…way to make mama proud.


The promised neverland is filled with kids that give the word genius a whole new meaning. Norman, Emma and yes Ray have intellects that just put the average person to shame. As one would expect they do a lot of reading just to stay that smart and by a lot of reading I mean a lot of reading.

Apparently Ray resolved to finish reading all the books in Gracefield house before 12, and he actually does so before his 12th birthday in chapter 32 of the manga.


In an interview for the 100th chapter commemoration questionnaire Kaui Shirai comments on some of Ray’s dreams. Ray has a love for art. This is demonstrated by his wish to see the Monalisa when he and his friends return to the human world.

Kaui said as much in the interview. I hope we get to see him do so in a future chapter, that would really be nice.


Unlike most of the other kids in Gracefieldhouse, or most kids at all. Ray did not experience childhood amnesia. This means he could remember everything that happened to his as a kid, from what happened during his time in his mums wound and even the very early events after his birth.

This meant Ray was fully aware of everything happening with the demons and Gracefield house long before the other children found out. As one would expect, it was this knowledge that drove him into partial isolation.


Ray is voiced by Mariya Ise. Hunter Hunter fans should recognize her as she was also the voice behind Killua!


When Ray was younger most of the books he read were fantasy. This heavily implies his favorite genre is fantasy. Even if that isn’t really the case it’s likely to be one of his favorites as it is revealed he spent a lot of time reading fantasy books especially.


Kaiu Shirai when asked in an interview which character in the promised neverland he was most like he replied Ray, describing how he tends to get desperate and throw in the towel much like the slightly crazy side of Ray.


Ray is named after the American singer Ray Charles. This was revealed in two manga pages that were showed to high score players of a game launched on the manga’s official site. In these pages Isabella explains how she got the name Ray while listening to Ray Charles.


In the special Q and A section of volme 13 of the manga Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu both revealed earlier intentions to have Ray die earlier in the story. They later decided against this however and completely scrapped that idea all together. A tough cookie that one, that’s for sure.


So I’ve been reading Boruto Naruto next generations for a while now and I think it’s safe to say it’s been doing fairly well considering everything. I mean after Naruto ended we all knew there was very little chance that Boruto would be able to live up to the original, and fans were a bit worried that it might even turn out to be an utter flop, but despite that, it’s managed to do pretty well for itself.

That said, there are some glaring problems that continue to plague both the manga and anime to this day, and needless to say I think the biggest problem is the mere fact that unfortunately, Boruto Naruto next generations simply put has been a victim of it’s predecessors overwhelming success.

Now one would have imagined that with Boruto standing on the back of a juggernaut the likes on Naruto it would have had a much easier time, but as it turns out, no such luck.

You see since the manga and more importantly the anime started, fans have complained about a lack-luster plot, bland characters and the series generally failing to make a whole lot of sense, now don’t get me wrong, there have been instances where the manga and anime especially made utter messes, but I really feel there is more to the issue than the Boruto Naruto next generations manga and anime simply been of lower quality compared to their predecessors.

I believe a lot of the issues Boruto is currently facing may in fact stem from the way Naruto’s ending was handled. Madara’s undeserved end and the ass pull that was Kaguya Otsuki, disastrous as those two events were at the time they sewed the seeds for many of the issues currently plaguing Boruto.

So let’s start, I think the first thing we probably should discuss is the mere comparison between Boruto and Naruto and how said comparisons may be doing more to hurt Boruto than anything else. You see funny enough the Boruto anime seems to be doing pretty well in Japan, but it’s outside Japan than it has faced a lot of criticism and I think this says plenty about what the actual issues are.

Those who have been quick to criticize Boruto anime or manga seem to forget just how the Naruto anime started. The questionable animation, and long drawn out sequences, don’t get me wrong, by the time we reach the land of the waves arc the manga had really begun to kick off, but it wasn’t yet the Naruto we know and love today.

That Naruto took years of build up to reach, episodes of slowly fleshing out characters and refining plot until the very first encounter with the Akatsuki, but Boruto on the other hand was not given the freedom or opportunity for such build up.

From the get go people expected the fire and intensity that was Naruto shippuden because frankly after years of following these characters, that was what we had gotten used to, that was the standard, but that been said one might think an argument can still be made for the critics. I mean after all once Naruto had done the heavy lifting one would have expected Boruto to just pick up where Naruto left off, but the unfortunate thing is, things were simply not that …well… simple.

Boruto was now saddled with the unenviable task of finding a new direction for characters that had been fleshed out for essentially what would amount to decades, characters who in that final arc were elevated to such a level, there was simply too little if any room for any major development, the fortunate thing should have been the fact that this wasn’t supposed to be a mere continuation of their story, this was supposed to be a completely new story about completely new characters.

The unfortunate thing is that these new characters may have as well been little more than side characters because the mere fact they were put right alongside fan favorites who were essentially their parents just made it difficult for fans to give them the attention they truly deserved.

I mean the fact is for the most part, a lot of us spent more time waiting for Naruto or Sasuke or some one from the old gang to show up, rather than genuinely follow what Boruto, Shikadai, Mitsuki and Sarada were up to and the truth is, you cannot fault fans. Why would they care about these new characters when the ones they’ve known their whole lives were right there?

This dynamic has created a situation that any writer would dread, as any attempt to completely remove or relegate these fan favorites to the background may simply discourage continuing fans to follow, but not doing so also gives them very little room to actually develop any characters at all, and it is for reasons like this we’ve been forced to witness the disaster that is the death of Kurama before our very eyes.

The truth of the matter is the writers have no where else to go, they have been forced to resort to tearing down years of progress and development just to create room for more. Make no mistake Kurama’s death was a monumental error, one that will comeback to bite the plot as the story progresses, knocking Naruto and Sasuke down to such an extent was unsightly to say the least but that’s where it has gotten.

This hammers home the initial point, how the focus has almost completely shifted from the core cast which should have seen some development to Naruto and Sasuke who are rather been torn down in a misguided attempt to progress the plot.

The unfortunate fact is that given the situation, it would have been far better if both characters were simply not in Boruto Naruto next generations to begin with. So for now we’ll just have to see how it goes, but the truth is if things are going to get better, the writers are going to need to get far more creative.


I’ve been watching RWBY for about five years now and needless to say, I love it. The world of Remnant the amazing RWBY characters, and wonderful crew behind it. It’s a show born from the dream of one man. A man who really loved awesome fight scenes, …RIP Monty… but since it started it has seen it’s ups and downs, and has had it’s fair share of backlash.

That said in the end it’s a show we all love, but that doesn’t mean we love all the characters in it now does it? Here are 10 RWBY characters we all absolutely love to hate!…you’re welcome…


First up is the speeding Harriet, it’s amazing just how much hate she’s garnered considering the fact we’ve known her for barely what?…. two seasons?! But in all honesty Harriet is a bit of a handful, when we first see her, she’s cocky and smug, but for good reason I guess, but this season, she’s just been plain mean!

We could try and make a case for why she has been particularly terrible this season, but I have a feeling the bunch of you could not care less!


Okay so in more recent years we’ve all come to love Weiss but man has she come a long way! I’m sure we all remember when we first ran into her on Ruby’s first day at Beacon. The proud and pompous heiress who could not fathom that the whole world did not revolve around her.

She really has come a long way, but sorry after 3 years of been a pain I just couldn’t let it go thus her earning a spot on this much dreaded list!


Believe it or not this is not the last Schnee we’ll be seeing on this list and funny enough he’s not the worst one. I’ve got one word for you…..brat!

That’s Whitley in a nutshell, but to be fair this season in particular he did grow quite a bit, but considering the fact that it took the looming threat of the destruction of Atlas and Mantle to get him to this point forgive me if I don’t let him off the hook.


I’m sure you all forgot this poor soul, just making sure you all remember him. Cardin Winchester is your typical A-grade jerk, with the smug look and planet sized ego to boot. We really didn’t run into him again after season two and that’s probably a good thing.

I hope he’s grown a bit since we last saw him, but in all honesty it probably doesn’t matter that much considering the fact we’re probably never going to see him again.


Adam…. goodness Adam ffing Taurus . RT legit did this character dirty, I mean he was sooooooo gooood in the early seasons it makes you wonder how on earth things could just spin that badly out of control! Love really can make or break you I guess, but man it still hurts every time I remember just how dirty they did him, but still man …..get a grip!


Next up is mum of the year, just ask Yang, she’ll be happy to tell you all about her! Raven is a complicated character at best, but there is one thing that’s clear….at least half the fandom hates her, and for good reason.

We understand wanting to save your own hide but Raven just gives the word selfish a whole new meaning. In the end, we love her, but I get the feeling we love to hate her more!


Next up is professor Lionheart. I can already hear the sighs. This lions death was nothing short of satisfying, after a season of treachery he finally got what was coming to him, but I think the part that really ticks people off is the fact that when he finally found the spine to fight it was against those he should have been helping. Makes you wonder how he became a headmaster to begin with.


This guy has one sole reason for existing, to be hated. In fact I’m sure it’s thanks to his parenting we’ve got three Schnee’s on this list and only God knows how come it isn’t four. Jacques death this season was a long time coming, but even with all that he somehow still managed to rob us of the satisfaction that should have accompanied it! I honestly wish I could say otherwise, but it’s highly unlikely anyone will miss him.


It’s no exaggeration to say Salem is the second most hated character in the show. Her story, her motivations. It’s unfortunate but she just makes it really hard for anyone to feel anything other than that.

Considering the fact that she’s the show’s big bad perhaps it shouldn’t come as such a surprise, but then again we’ve had bad guys who we just couldn’t help but love! I think it’s safe to say, we’re all just counting down the days till she’s finally taken down for good.


Without a doubt the most hated character in the franchise, if not…..ever! I think what really gets to people is the fact that we thought we were rid of her a few seasons ago, only for her to come back, then there’s the fact that she killed Pyrrha and goodness all the horrible things she has done.

This season ended with her giving us even more reasons to hate her, I mean Penny, why Penny? Bottom line she’s the absolute worst and this list would simply not have been complete without her!


Growing old and dying is what gives meaning and beauty to the fleeting span of a human life. It’s precisely because we age and die that our lives have value and nobility. Strength is not a word that means much in regard to the flesh.

-Kyojuro Rengoku

Demon slayer’s Kyojuro Rengoku was a phenomenon to behold, the much beloved character truly stood out in a cast so diverse and fleshed out, it was a feat in it’s own right. Stoic, brave and strong, a hashira in every sense of the word, he fulfilled his duty right to the very end.

It was nothing short of inspiring the way Rengoku carried himself, noble in his endeavors and resolute to cut down evil, but what shone through more than anything was his respect for life, his respect for strength, true strength and the heart he carried that blazed a path through the darkness that surrounded him.

The heart that won him the respect of Tanjiro and his fellow hashira, the heart that won him the love of fans globally and the heart he gladly gave for those who needed him, after all it is the duty of those born strong to defend those who cannot defend themselves. Kyojuro Rengoku was definitely strong, I’m sure we all knew that, that said, here are 10 things you did not know about the flame hashira.


Kyojuro’s surname “Rengoku” means purgatory. His first name Kyojuro contain the Kanji for the words Apricot, longetivity and son. So his name can loosely be translated as the “enduring son of purgatory”. A name Kyojuro Rengoku definitely lived up to.

In the cruel world of demon slayer most don’t live long enough to become hashira and even when they do they don’t stay so for very long, his flaming blade helped purged the world of darkness, a faithful son to the very end as his father Shinjuro Rengoku would testify.


Kyojuro Rengoku is one of the most popular characters in the demon slayer franchise. He is the 7th most popular character to be precise.

Rengoku ranked 7th in the first Demon slayer popularity polls with a little over a 1000 votes and maintained his 7th position in the second poll this time with 8000 votes, so yea he’s a pretty popular guy, but then again was there any doubt?


Kyojuro is definitely the kind of guy who would love to have pets, but unfortunately he never had the opportunity to have any. Apparently his dad Shinjuyo Rengoku had a dislike for animals and that would have been pretty much the end of any hopes he might have entertained.

That said I get a feeling if Rengoku were to have a pet it would be something strong and brave like him, like a falcon….or maybe a wolf?

Kindly comment whatever your thoughts are, I’d really like to hear what you guys think, but I’m heavily leaning towards a falcon!


Ever wondered why the Rengoku men have weird hair? … well you’re not going to believe this but apparently a distant ancestor of theirs ate wayyy too many tempuras causing the hair of his descendants to turn out like a blazing inferno.

I kid you not! Now for those of you who don’t know Tempuras are a Japanese dish consisting of seafood, meat and veggies, battered and deep fried. All of a sudden I’ve got a craving for them…..time to get me some Tempuras


We all saw the kind of fighter Kyujuro Rengoku is in his fight with Azaka, that said it should come as no surprise to many when that he ruptured his own eardrums to counter the flute demon’s demon art in his first mission.

Imagine getting into a fight with this guy, if that’s what he’s willing to do to himself imagine what he’s likely to do to the other guy! It’s unknown if this had permanent effect on his hearing but it’s very likely.


A fighter like him I guess it was to be expected. Kyojuro loves Sumo wrestling and enjoys watching it in his spare time. It’s unknown if he wrestles himself but I wouldn’t put it past him. I mean he’s not as big as your typical wrestler but if you ask me I think he’s got the size for it!


Kyojuro’s favorite food are sweet potatoes, you can tell by the fact that every time he has one he says tasty…delicious! Rengoku also has a favorite side dish; salt grilled bream. An appetite fitting a warrior of his caliber if I do say so myself.

He probably even knows how to cook the darn things, I wonder what his cooking would taste like though…I’m sure it’d be nothing short of delicious.


Rengoku’s birthday falls on May 10 making him a Taurus.I would have initially figured he was a Leo but come to think of it Taurus does make more sense.

Charming, tactful and witty, yup he’s definitely a Taurus, but nothing screams it more than that stoic nature of his. It takes nothing less than the strength of a bull to lose an eye and still keep your smile.


Kyojuro Rengoku is voiced by Satoshi Hino, the very same voice actor who voiced none other than Vinland Saga’s very own Willibald. It must be fun been Satoshi whether he’s a Hashira or priest he’s got the demons fleeing either way.


Last but definitely not least, Kyojuro was a mentor to Mitsuru Kanjiro. She derived her own breathing style the Love breathing style from the flame breathing style.

She has been extremely grateful to him since. It’s just like Kyojuro to help others find their strength. In many ways he did the same for Tanjiro. A hashira, a mentor… a friend!


Jujutsu kaisen’s Gojo Satoru is a character that has undoubtedly won the hearts and minds of fans everywhere, I mean…how can you not love this guy, he’s badass, deadly and has a good sense of humor to boot.

Right from Gojo’s debut in Jujutsu Kaisen chapter one it was obvious this guy was a big deal, that said there was no way anyone would have imagined just how big a deal he was, but the bottom line is as far as Jujutsu kaisen characters go, Gojo rocks and that’s saying a lot!

But I digress, I’m sure we all already knew that.. so that been said let’s get into it! Seven things you didn’t know about Jujutsu Kaisen’s Gojo Satoru!


Gojo was born on the 7th of December 1989, making him a Sagittarius and it comes as no surprise! It is more than apparent Gojo’s a free spirit, likes to wander and do his own thing, how he wants, when he wants, much to the chagrin of many including his very own students like Megumi.

As one would expect of a Sagittarius he’s strong and reliable, clever and motivated… when he wants to be… but it probably doesn’t help that he doesn’t need to put in much effort into doing anything! That said Jujutsu Kaisen’s Gojo’s definitely a Sagittarius and you really don’t need to know his birthday to figure that out!


Fairy tail has had it’s ups and downs but one of it’s ups was definitely Gray and that was in no small part thanks to Yuichi Nakamura’s phenomenal voice acting. So for those of you who thought Gojo sounded kind of familiar, it’s probably because he is.

Yuichi happens to be voice acting Gojo in the Jujutsu Kaisen anime and so far he’s been great, but it’s kinda funny how much the two characters share in common, they’re both laid back….though Jujutsu Kaisen’s Gojo is laid back in a different kinda way…or maybe that’s just me reading too much into things, but yeah….Gojo and Gray are voiced by the same person…would you look at that? even their names start with the same letter!


Gojo has some pretty broken jujutsu techniques and his name Satoru is a subtle hint at what those techniques are. It’s no secret Gojo covers his eyes most of the time, and that’s because they allow him to use the six eyes technique, which for all intensive purposes, gives him an awareness that makes it next to impossible to even touch him…..just ask Sakuna!

Satoru can be translated as understanding and roughly understood as spiritual enlightenment, he has eyes that see all in a figurative sense. Just another reason why Jujutsu Kaisen’s Gojo Satoru is so bad ass!


Jujutsu Kaisen’s Gojo really loves his sweets, even in the first episode it’s apparent when he takes the trouble to get himself a snack before actually finding Megume. Jujutsu Kaisen’s Gojo started eating sweets as a way to stimulate the brain and then took too much of a liking to them, now he simply can’t help himself, but I suspect the whole deal about him stimulating his brain might have simply been an excuse. Gojo simply likes sweet stuff and that’s fine, after all … who can blame him?


I’m sure we all remember principal Yaga, man did he give Itadori a hard time. He and those loveable dolls of his….I’m sure Itadori would disagree…but before becoming principal of Jujutsu tech Masamichi Yaga was the teacher of none other than Jujutsu Kaisen’s Gojo Satoru.

I would imagine that couldn’t have been easy, I mean an adult Gojo Satoru is trouble enough, I don’t want to think about the hell a teen Satoru would embody, guess he isn’t principal for nothing! Then again with a teacher like this it’s no wonder Jujutsu Kaisen’s Gojo turned out so great, I mean I wonder what he had to go through to simply be accepted, either way Jujutsu Kaisen’s Masamichi Yaga deserves all the praise from one badass to another!


In the world of Jujutsu Kaisen Jujutsu Sorcerer families are clans from which the majority of their members can utilize Jujutsu, though these clans are numerous there are three of them referred to as the big three sorcerer families, these families are said to have descended from the big three vengeful spirits of Japan, spirits of powerful jujutsu sorcerers in the Heian era.

Jujutsu Kaisen’s Gojo Satoru happens to be from the most powerful of these families, the Gojo family…. no wonder he can afford to do as he pleases. That been said it would be unfair to attribute all of Gojo’s success to his family, in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen, Gojo Satoru is quite the jujutsu sorcerer and his bad assery in it self is a big part of that.


Gojo is down right cocky and for good reason, he’s the strongest Jujutsu sorcerer…. period! It’s not a matter of debate, doubt or questioning…. in the world of Jujutsu kaisen as far as Jujutsu sorcerers go at least he is the one at the very top, just look at that grin… he’s got the whole…”if you mess with me I’ll f*ck you up real good” vibe going, and that’s a fact, he will put the beat down on any unfortunate soul who gets on the wrong side of him.

Gojo Satoru is the GOAT and even blindfolded he’ll still put the beatdown on all who stand in his way. If that’s not enough to convince you…. I don’t know what will!


Attack on Titan has been phenomenal throughout it’s run, and as things head to a close we can’t help but wonder what life will be like without these characters we’ve come to love so soo much.

Feels like just yesterday when we first saw the assault on Shiganshima, it feels like yesterday when we first saw Eren and his comrades join the survey corps. I still get geekasms everytime I rewatch the beast titan’s first appearance, God it’s truly been great, but sadly all good things must come to an end.

So before it ends, and we have to say goodbye to these amazing people, we figured why not a recap, this is rookiepencil’s take on Attack on Titan’s top 10 characters.



I’m sure we all remember this fellow and his dreams of joining the military police. Jean just had to be on this list. I’ve seen him grow so much and transform from the cynic he once was to a leader in every sense of the word.

Jean’s courage , loyalty, determination and sheer strength of character has been a beauty to watch, he’s the one guy who has kept us all grounded in this madness, I mean attack on titan is filled with so many over the top badasses and titan shifters it can get pretty intense.

Jean since day one has been that normal guy, he’s no genius with titan shifting powers or ackerman genes like some of the others but despite everything he’s as normal as they get, a regular guy who has somehow found the courage to continue living and fighting up till now and that alone says tons about what a great character he truly is.


Next up is Hange, she really is one of a kind now isn’t she? When we first met her it was hard for anyone to conclude on anything other than weirdo , which admittedly she still is or at least was… but we have seen she’s so much more. A genius certainly, but a scout and friend.

Her stint as commander was amazing, she was no Erwin but she didn’t need to be, she was the survey corps’ Hange Zoe and exactly what the corps needed at the time. Her death in the more recent chapters utterly crushed me, but she died as any scout would have, sacrificing her life for the mission and her comrades, dedicating her heart to the cause, fighting until the very end.

The world needs more Hange’s and that said it was lucky to have her while it did.


Mikasa is definitely a fan favorite and for good reason. Her devotion to Eren is just admirable, no matter what some might say or think. Seeing her bloom these past three seasons has been simply amazing, she has not changed very much and perhaps that is one of the things that have made her so great.

Then again her transformation from a helpless child to the titan killing monstrosity she is was just magnificent, seeing her come to terms with the cruelty that defines her world and still push forward with such courage and tenacity has truly been inspiring.

Mikasa fights because she’s strong, stronger than most and that strength has not faded in the least. Mikasa is free, she always has been and she has the courage to use that freedom to silently but adamantly keep her hopes alive and chase her greatest desires.


Oh Reiner, strong, steady, powerful Reiner. I still vividly remember when we were first introduced to him and Berthold, he in particular stood out, that beacon that Eren was so drawn to. It is easy to paint him a victim of circumstance, a man constantly forced into committing acts he simply cannot forgive himself for, but he is so much more.

Reiner has never truly been a victim, though yes he has struggled and found himself mere inches away from his breaking point, but deep within Reiner has always been the man willing to push forward and do what duty demands of him, no matter how scared he has been, or how heavy the weight was.

In the end perhaps there are some weights we are just not to bear, but seeing him struggle with so much guilt and trauma and still fight on and on and on, there could have been no better choice for the armored titan.


Whenever I see Armin there is only one thing that comes to mind…..“the man who got to see the sea.” Armin since day one has had so much hope, he is bright and pragmatic but still so hopeful and man has it paid off.

Armin was the first to admit there would come a time when the walls would not be enough, and even when they did fall, despite his understanding of the situation he still had hope for better days, he still had hope he would see the sea, and he did, after all is said and done he did.

Even now as things take a turn for the worst , Armin is still putting that wit of his to use, holding on to his greatest hopes for as long as he can, but willing to sacrifice it all for the greater good. Armin has never needed anyone to fight for him, he’s strong enough to take on the world on his own terms.


Oh Annie, sweet, lovely beautiful Annie, Ishida really did us in keeping her entrapped in that crystal for so long, even so she still deserved a spot here. The girl who simply wanted to see her father again, wanted to see him happy, it has been amazing seeing how those wishes and dreams have molded her, despite what she would have everyone think.

The dreaded female titan, a killer, a real killer in every sense of the word with seemingly no struggle, but so much more. A fighter, a protector, a soldier. Even now, and no matter what happens I’m confident Annie will find the inner strength and vitality to continue the fight wherever she is, wherever she is needed.


Zeke is a pretty scary guy, let’s just put it that way. He’s not a particularly nice person but it’s hard to say how much of that has been molded by trauma and how much of that is actually his own doing.

In many ways I feel for him, it is a terribly difficult predicament he was in, but Zeke has always been one to make his own choices, put his own fate in his own hands, in his own way he has fought to bring peace to the world and it has been magnificent watching him do that.

I don’t care what anyone says, the beast titan has simply been one of the best things to happen to Attack on Titan….period!


Erwin Smith was just a beauty to watch, honestly! Every scene was just him on display, it was as if he always knew exactly what to do and when to do it. I guess one scene describes him perfectly…..forwaaaard!!!!…… you know the scene!

Even in the jaws of a titan, I’ve always wondered what could make a man so fearless, then it hit me, he had made up his mind to die. Erwin knew as commander of the scouts his death was inevitable, but he had resolved if he was going to die, it certainly wouldn’t be for nothing and it most certainly wouldn’t be without a fight!

I really feel sorry for Marley, I honestly do. Quite frankly it mattered little whatever advantages they held, as long as Eldia had commanders like this nutjob and soldiers crazy enough to follow him, there was simply no way they would lose!


Levi Ackerman, what am I even supposed to say….most men flee from titans, titans bloody hell flee from him, just ask Zeke! So Levi is strong, really strong, he’s tough and he can handle shit, but I think his most defining trait is his willingness to do good.

Levi would have no problem been on his own, sitting out this war, selling his sword to the highest bidder, but none of that matters to him. He fights for his country, his commander, his friends.

He puts life and limb in harms way everyday, so his homeland and people can see a better tomorrow. Yes, he’s hard and strong but he’s good, he’s a very good man.


And finally Eren Yeager, quite honestly the most selfish and hard headed individual to grace the pages of any manga. Eren knows what he wants, he knows what he needs to do to get it and you’d be damned if you tried to get in his way.

That is what Eren is, what he has always been, it doesn’t matter what the world thinks of justice, what matters is what he thinks of justice. He need not concern himself with the beliefs of others, it’s simple….. they have theirs, he has his, let who ever wants it more have it.

That is Eren Yeager, and goodness help us no matter what he becomes, who he becomes, or what he does….. Eren will always be ATTACK ON TITAN’S GREATEST CHARACTER!


“I… I’ve… always… hated it. I hated myself, who only ever stole from others… I was finally… able to leave something…”

Tokyo Ghoul’s Kishou Arima is without a doubt one of the most badass characters in all of anime and that is saying a lot! Mentor to Haise Sasaki and dreaded as the CCG’s white reaper, his legendary feats and remarkable character have endeared him to fans everywhere, that said it’s surprising how much people actually know about the CCG’s Shinigami. Here are 10 things you must know about Tokyo Ghoul’s Arima ;



So I am sure a lot of us are familiar with the Waashu clan, for those who are not they are basically the leading family in the CCG, but that’s besides the point, anyway lets just say the head of the clan is a very busy man. His numerous escapades have seen him spawn numerous illegitimate children, two of them been Arima and the girl who got Kaneki into all this nonsense to begin with Rize.

So yes Rize is Arima’s Paternal sister, though it is unclear if the two of them have shared any significant interaction at all, bottomline is they’re still family. I wonder if this means Kaneki and Arima are related in anyway, because of the whole organ transplant thing. Well I’ll leave that to you guys to decide.


Yup apart from an interest in books and the two been rather emo….. though Arima doesn’t show it as much these days, mentor and apprentice also share a birthday, 20th December, making them both Sagittarius, that explains their fixation on family and stuff like that I suppose… offense to you sagittarius folks, you’re amazing , that said no wonder Arima and Kaneki got along so well. It was just bound to playout like that.


No shit, Arima is the single most deadly agent in the history of the Commission of counter ghoul. He didn’t earn the name shinigami as a moniker for nothing. Arima has the highest individual kills among all agents in the CCG with guys like Amon and Kaneki looking up to him as a model of what an agent should be, consequentially he also happened to be the most decorated agent in the CCG.


Now considering Arima has been dusting ghouls since he was a teenager I suppose this does not come as much of a shock but the fact of the matter is it typically takes agents years to make it up a class, Arima just rolled in and was like….f*ck that shit!…There is only one other person who has climbed up so quickly and that’s Juuzou Suzuya but that’s a story for another day. In the end I guess all that training in the Sunlit garden really paid off huh.


So for those of us who don’t know, the one eye king is the leader of all ghouls. Aogiri trees mysterious leader. I’m sure most ghouls would be pissed if they found out Arima and the CCG’s reaper were one and the same, but beyond that the whole thing was a conspiracy between Arima and Eto Yoshimura, with the plan been to groom someone suitable to take the role and become an inspiration to all ghouls, that person inevitably been Ken Kaneki.


Now come on, I’m sure none of us actually believed he was a mere human. I don’t care what kind of training you’ve got but you can’t pull half the sh*t this guy does and still be classified as a normal human. The fact is Arima is a ghoul, half ghoul to say the least and the result of a failed ghoul experiment that left him with enhanced abilities but the downside of rapid aging. At least he’s got an explanation for the white hair, Kaneki…. what’s your excuse?


yup, Arima has actually never lost a battle, he confirmed it himself, heck he wanted to lose so bad he literally trained someone to do him in and even then it still didn’t work.

Most agents pray to simply survive their missions, Arima can just stroll in with nothing but an umbrella if he so pleased, no shit he has literally defeated ghouls with nothing but an umbrella and just goes to show what a monster he actually is.

As far as tokyo ghoul characters go when it comes to sheer strength and power…Arima is much on top!


Here’s a surprise for Hunter Hunter fans. I’m sure this explains why his voice sounded so familiar. Turns out Daisuke Namikawa Hisoka’s voice actor also happened to voice act Kishou Arima in the anime.

I think it’s pretty fitting considering just how bad ass the two are. Now I’m wondering what would actually happen if the two met in a fight…. that would be really lit!


Now for our dub loving fans of MHA….we know you’re out there, if the hero Eraser head sounds kinda familiar, here’s why. Alex Organ happens to voice act both parts, pretty neat now isn’t it.


And finally …yes Kishou Arima for all his redeeming qualities hated himself. I think the mere fact that he killed himself is a demonstration of that self loathing but he expresses it in his final words stating how he always hated himself for being able to do nothing but kill. But thankfully Arima dies a happy man, believing he at least gave back something to the world in Ken Kaneki.


you have no enemies, not a single one.


When Thorfinn first heard those words there was no way he could possibly comprehend what they meant, what they truly meant. Since then it is ironic how they have come to define his life, how struggle and pain have inevitably brought him back to them.

It is beautiful really, I can imagine just how proud Thors would have been, had he seen him confront Canute and declare those words; “I have no enemies at all “. I can imagine how proud Thors would have been, to see his son start down the path of a true warrior, and isn’t that all Thorfinn truly is? A warrior?


Thorfinn is related to the chieftain of the Jomsvikings, an order of mercenaries unrivaled. His father Thors was a high ranking member of the order and possibly it’s most capable fighter, his mother was the niece of the chieftain at the time, making Thorkell his uncle….or grand uncle?

The bottom line is Thorfinn is of noble birth, but considering he recently disbanded the order I don’t know where that leaves him. I personally wasn’t too fond of the decision but well, life moves on.


I don’t imagine this comes as much of a surprise, I mean considering what he has been through his entire childhood it is only natural that Thorfinn would have some mental and emotional scars.

Thorfinn screams in his sleep and has regular nightmares. He carries with him a lot of guilt and it’s amazing how he manages to get by, considering just how much trauma he’s suffered.


Thorfinn’s character is based on that of the real life icelandic explorer Thorfinn Kalsefni whose expeditions were documented in two sagas collectively called the “vinland sagas“.

Vinland was a area of coastal North America explored by the vikings nearly 500 years before Christopher Colombus. Thorfinn’s expedition was a short lived attempt to establish a permanent settlement there.


The byname Karlsefni means “a thorough man” which can also roughly be translated as “a sterling man” in a sense “a real man”. Quite the name I’d say, and it says a lot about how the man was perceived.

Vinland Saga Omnibus v07 (2015) (Digital) (danke-Empire)
Vinland Saga Omnibus v07 (2015) (Digital) (danke-Empire)

I’d say the name is well deserved … in the manga at least, Thorfinn over the course of the story has in many ways personified what it means to be a man, but not just a man in that sense, but a human being in general, a person.

Persevering through some of the worst horrors imaginable and still finding the will to live, the will to fight, the will to treasure, long and love. I’m not sure that’s what people had in mind when they gave him the nickname, but it is what I see. It is what Kalseferni means to me.


Thorfinn is the son of Thors. A man who has seen pain and strife send him down the path of the true warrior, the man in search of Vinland, the one who will create a land of peace and joy, where there is no war and bloodshed…..lets see how that goes.


Vinland Saga is one of those titles that simply reminds you of what makes anime great. An amazing plot to say the least and characters, so deep they can literally cut into your soul.

After finishing the first season of Vinland Saga’s anime it did not take long for me to catch up with the manga, and after close to 200 chapters I can’t help but feel nostalgic for the days when Thorfinn was just a wide-eyed child, eager to take on the world and leave his mark on the battlefield.

That was literally a life time ago, since then Thorfinn has been through hell and back, literally and through out that time he has encountered some pretty strong opponents, becoming a pretty formidable warrior in his own right.

That said lets jump right into it, in no particular order, here are Vinland Saga’s strongest characters till date. Spoilers ahead…don’t say I didn’t warn you.


So we’ll start off with Floki. A man of ruthless ambition, Floki has schemed and clawed his way to where he is. Though not as fierce or deadly as the others on this list, Floki has shown himself to be capable with the sword, and he has had to be.

As a commander and later own chieftain of the Jomsvikings it comes as no surprise, then again anyone would be hard-pressed to top the other monstrosities on this list. That said give him his due, he lasted longer than most against Askeladd during his rampage and that alone is a feat in itself.


Askeladd’s right hand man, and for good reason too. Loyal and brave Bjorn is certainly one nobody wants to get into a fight with. Already a very capable fighter, when things get tough he’s got this berserker mode that just makes him a walking nightmare. I was personally heartbroken when he died, the fact that Askeladd considered him a true friend says tons about the man.


The huntress herself! Trust me you don’t want to get caught on her radar, and unfortunately poor Thorfinn is exactly on her radar. Hild is a survivor, after having her father murdered by Thorfinn she was raised by a hunter, who also got murdered by a bear.

Her prodigious skill as an engineer make her a deadly opponent, and her thirst for vengeance against Thorfinn make her yet an even greater threat against him in particular.

In many ways she and Thorfinn are similar and I dare say his relationship with her may help him empathize with Askeladd, he killed her dad because the job demanded it, just like Askeladd killed Thorfinn’s dad and much like Askeladd Thorfinn also spared her.

She then sought revenge just like he did but now helps him on his quest, ready to shove an arrow into his skull should he veer off his path of forgiveness and righteousness. I love Hild, she’s a great character and I can’t wait to see what the story does with her.


This poor oaf knows nothing but war. Thorgil is a warrior through and through and a damn good one. One of Canute’s personal guard, Throgil is the son of the master of Ketils farm, a farm on which Thorfinn served as a slave after his failed attempt to kill Canute.

When Canute resolves to take away Ketils farm and everything his family owns, Thorgil is more than ready to fight and die if he must, when his younger brother and the heir to the family’s fortune decides to surrender and the matter is resolved peacefully the man is visibly shattered.

His whole life he’s lived by might is right and he simply cannot fathom another way. I imagine we haven’t seen the last of him that said he’s definitely one of the deadliest the manga has to offer.


Snake was a guard on Ketil’s farm. A rather laid back fellow he’s still pretty quick on the draw. He is highly devoted to his men and seems to have a checkered past, but beyond that he is a deeply good fellow.

His ability as a fighter are not in question as he was able to hold his own against Thorfinn and during the invasion of Ketil’s farm managed to take down a number of Jomsviking, pretty impressive especially for a former bandit.


Another friend of Thorfinn’s, man does he know how to pick em. Garm is just…. Garm. Deadly even by Jomviking standards Garm has held his own against the likes of Thorkell and Thorfinn and not just held his own, this guy is a straight up beast ,even Thorkell admitted as much.

As one would expect he’s missing a few screws but can you blame him, the poor chap has been killing since he was a child, despite his ferocious disposition he is still just a kid who wants to be appreciated and have some fun.


The king himself, damn it Askeladd is the realest of the bunch. In all honesty though when it comes to raw ferocity he may not be able to hold up against many on this list but those wits of his make him one of the deadliest… period!


This list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t have Thorfinn himself in here. Battle is something he was born to do, despite his growing distaste for it he can still put the beat down on whosoever asks for it and by the looks of things he’s going to be doing that for quite a while.


I love this fellow, he’s a simple man really. He accepts reality as it is and has absolutely no qualms with it, of course someone tailor made for battle like he is is bound to have some……quirks here and there, but bottom line is men flee and armies scatter when they hear the name Thorkell and damn right they should!!!


oh come now who else was it going to be? I mean even Thorkell couldn’t hold his own against this fellow. The troll of Jom is a bloody legend, the greatest and bravest!

One thing that really struck me is how traumatized all these characters really are, I mean they are deadly, they are strong but the personal demons they each have to contend with are just unimaginable, but that’s what makes Vinland Saga so great.

It echoes the true price of strength and how no one can pay it for very long, in many ways it even redefines it, I can’t wait for the second season of the Anime when we finally get to see a lot of these folks at their finest!


As Attack on titan approaches it’s end the stakes have never been higher! We’ve come a long way since Eren made his well known promise to kill all the titans,and it has been quite the journey to say the least.

So now, before things end, we figured it would be a good time to take a look back and remember some of the brave characters who sacrificed everything to allow our heroes to make it this far. This is Attack on Titan’s 10 most heart-wrenching deaths!


Hand picked by Levi to join the Survey scout’s Special Operations squad, Gunther much like the rest of his squad was a real asset to the survey corps. It’s unfortunate we didn’t get to see much of him, but despite that his death made for one of the most shocking moments in the anime!


Levi’s second in command at the time; stoic, dedicated and capable, he along with the rest of his squad are done in by the female titan. Similar to Gunther we really didn’t see his death coming, but then again it’s one of the things that made Attack on Titan so memorable.


I think we will all remember Oruo and his laughable attempts to mimic Levi. Though he seemed quite obnoxious at the time he would become one of the most missed characters the franchise would offer. As expected of any Survey Corps member, he died in the line of duty, doing his part until the very end.


Petra’s death was one of the most heart-breaking in the story. We will never forget the scene between her dad and Levi, in which Levi had to inevitably break the old man’s heart. She reminded us that each scout was a person, with family and people who truly cared about them and not just meat bags sent to the field to be slaughtered.


Oh Ymir, after seeing her struggle so much it was most certainly heart-breaking when her death inevitably came. One can never truly be prepared for the twists and turns in the AOT universe, but in the end she went on her terms and that’s something we think she would be happy about.


Miche’s death was quite dreadful to say the least. A fitting way to let us know the sort of monster Zeke is, I still get chills anytime I remember that scene. It’s a scary thing been in the scouts and Zacharius reminded us why!


So yes he and Reiner did some pretty terrible stuff, but in the end we still understood he was fighting for his homeland. Seeing him go in such a undignified manner was something else, especially at the hands of our heroes, but that is war. It didn’t make it any less painful though.


Seeing such a decorated commander suffer such an inglorious death was truly one of the most heart breaking parts of the manga. Pixis didn’t deserve to die the way he did. It was truly a sad sight.


The lively huntress, no one could have seen it coming. Her death would also go on to have lasting consequences on the rest of the characters. It truly was a tragedy in every sense of the word!


Speaking of tragic, in the end Erwin sacrificed everything, everything! He truly did justice to the title of commander, and that final charge will be etched in the minds of fans, forever