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After catching up on my two favorite webtoons, Tower of God and Solo Leveling, I was left hungry for more, so I went hunting for new manhwas. Luckily for me, I found five great manhwas I really enjoyed, and i want to share them with you. Let’s get into it.

1. Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint.

This is a story written and illustrated by Singshong/ Sleepy-C.


Back then Dokja had no idea his favorite web novel ‘Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse’ was going to come to life, and as the sole reader of the web series, he would become the only person with the knowledge of how the world was going to end. He also had no idea he would end up becoming the protagonist of this novel-turned-reality. Now Dokja will go on a journey to change the course of the story and save humankind once and for all.  

This webtoon is so damn awesome! Just imagine your favorite novel comes to life and you are not even the main character in the first place. This is highly recommended. I guarantee you will love it!! And just like Solo Leveling, you have a badass hero and a leveling system. So if you are a fan of that, this is for you.

2. The Beginning After the End.

Written by TurtleMe and illustrated by Fuyuki23


King Grey has unrivaled strength, wealth, and prestige in a world governed by martial ability. However, solitude lingers closely behind those with great power. Beneath the glamorous exterior of a powerful king lurks the shell of a man devoid of purpose and will. Reincarnated into a new world filled with magic and monsters, the king has a second chance to relive his life. Correcting the mistakes of his past will not be his only challenge, however, underneath the peace and prosperity of the new world is an undercurrent of danger threatening to destroy everything he has worked for, questioning his role and reason for being born again.

This manhwa is very interesting. It has an amazing world-building, a smooth storyline, and awesome characters that will hook you from the start. It also has the dungeons and hunting system just like solo-leveling, and well-rounded characters like Tower of God. This is definitely good so check it out.   

3. A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special.

This is a webtoon/ manhwa written by Jean Sun-Wook and artist Yoo So-Nan.


The shadow labyrinth – the deadliest catastrophe humanity has ever known. Desir Arman, one of the six remaining survivors of mankind, is inside the labyrinth. The six attempts to clear the final level of the labyrinth ultimately fail and the world comes to an end. However, when Desir thought he would meet his demise, what appears before him is the world thirteen years before its destruction. Desir is returned to the past, back to the time he enrolled at the nation’s finest magic academy, Haviron. He is reunited with his precious friends, and he is determined to change the past and save the world and his loved ones!

What I really love about this webtoon is how relatable both the characters and the world are. Not only that, but the plot is also very interesting though it might feel a little cliché. This webtoon also comes with dungeons like Solo Leveling and amazing world-building and character depth like Tower of God.

4. The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor.

written by Lee Do – Gyeong and Nam Heesung, and illustrated by Grizma and Kim Tae – Hyung .


Hyun Lee Lives with his grandmother and sister in poverty, working part-time to make ends meet. One day, he enters a virtual reality game called Royal Road. Why? To earn money. Though he wants to earn money through the game, he is only a sculptor that makes very little. From getting free lunches by flirting with NPCs to grinding day and night to create an avatar that can save his family from hardship.

Don’t sleep on this!! Because it is actually very very interesting. The summary doesn’t reveal much and I don’t want to spoil it, so just take my word for it. Definitely check this one out. The artwork, in the beginning, is not all that great, but just like Tower of God, it gets better.

5. Second Life Ranker.  

Written by Nong Nong and illustrated by Sa Doyeon.


Yeon-woo had a twin brother who disappeared five years ago. One day, a pocket watch left by his brother returned to his possession. Inside, he found a hidden diary in which was a recording saying “By the time you read this, I guess I will be dead already”. Through the diary, he learns of a tower called Obelisk, the tower of the Sun god which is situated in a world where several universes and dimensions intersect. In this world, his brother had fallen victim to betrayal while climbing up the tower. After learning of this, Yeon-woo decided to climb the tower along with his brother’s diary to get revenge for his brother.  

The only way to perfectly describe this manhwa is to imagine Sung Jin-Woo from Solo Leveling, in a Tower of God setting. That alone should make you want to read it. This webtoon is very interesting so go check it out!!


These are just a few of the dope manhwas out there that you probably don’t know of. I had lots of fun reading them and I think you will too. So, drop a comment if you want more manhwa/webtoon recommendations.


The first season of Tower of god has come to an end, and if I may say … it was one hell of an ending.

Damn!  The reactions were quite expected as Baam was betrayed? It’s simple really. In the end, he’s just so lovable.  So this is essentially a rant discussing the things that make BAAM so damn awesome!

First of all, let’s start with his personality. So, off the bat, we know Baam to be a genuinely nice guy. Even after Rachel’s consistent betrayal, Baam was always ready to forgive her.

I know it’s sometimes annoying, but if you where in his shoes I’m sure you’d also want to know why the only one who ever cared for you suddenly changed and tried to kill you. Baam’s innocent face, character, and genuine heart make it easy to empathize with him. Even the princess of Zahard wasn’t safe, gifting him her Black March, and if there’s anything we know about Yuri Jahad, it’s that she is not very charitable.

Now although Jyu Viole Grace brought a different layer to our boy Baam, (with him joining Fug and all) his core fundamentals were never shaken. Baam still remained a guy who would do anything to save his friends. So, yeah! Baam is a really nice guy but that’s not all there is to him.

Baam is also a quick study.  Now, this is one of the things that make Baam so over-powered. Baam as we all know entered the Tower with no knowledge of Shinsu. But after training hard and taking the wave controller class, Baam became an expert at controlling and manipulating shinsu.

Ren has acknowledged him, stating that he is the most talented regular and even going as far as to state that Baam could become a candidate for the Royal Enforcement Division if he ever became a Ranker. That is saying a lot, considering just how powerful Zahard’s force is, and let’s not forget, this is Tower of god we are talking about.

If you remember the hide and seek test correctly Quant Blitz decided to teach Baam his Fast skip technique to give him false hope of saving Rachel because this technique takes decades to master even for a Ranker and it is virtually impossible to master it in a short amount of time, but Baam was able to instantly learn how to use the technique right after seeing it.

So quick study might be an understatement but you get the idea!

Finally, Baam’s raw power! Baam’s power is so great that when he decided to make a contract with the Guardian on the test floor(2nd floor), the Guardian told him that for a person like him, a contract would be more like shackles!!

Yeah, crazy right? Baam without any prior knowledge of shinsu was able to withstand Leroro’s power when Lero-ro decided to cull the Regulars. A shinsu wall that was able to push the likes of Khun Aguero, Rak, and Anak of all people, wasn’t enough to make Baam flinch even a little, and the amazing thing is he just keeps getting stronger. After Rachel’s second betrayal, Baam obtained a portion of Eryu’s infamous power ‘The Thorn’.

This guy already has a strong affinity to shinsu and obtains a portion of a power used to kill a Floor Guardian. Not only that, but Baam also gains the power of the Red Thryssa a powerful being that came into existence from the corpse of the Guardian of the 43rd Floor (Floor of Death), gains the other pieces of The Thorn and the power from the souls of more than a thousand vengeful spirits, The kid is just amazing.

Every powerful person he crosses acknowledges him.  As if that was not enough, Baam also went toe to toe with the almighty Urek Mazino and was even able to make him bleed. That’s crazy if you think about it. The 4th strongest Ranker in the tower was scratched by a regular who hadn’t even gotten to the 30th floor.

Tower of God truly is awesome, and 25th Baam makes it Legendary!! So hyped for season 2, hope it comes out soon aaaannnd I’m out!


It’s no surprise that tower of god is gaining so much attention after the release of its very own anime. The series is good and I think everyone should give it a chance.

Tower of God is not only known for its world building but, for its amazing and overly powerful characters.

That said, we’re sure the bunch of you would like to know who’s the top dog in the tower. So we went ahead and put together a list, here is our take on Tower of God’s strongest active characters

 Adori Zahard.

Adori is currently the strongest active princess in the tower. Commander in chief and captain of Zahard’s royal guards, she wields the only S-Rank weapon of the 13-month series, the golden November.

Although she is ranked very high, we have no noticeable achievement of her as a ranker. But even as a regular, she was able to defeat rankers with ease. Now that alone is a clear definition of how powerful this princess is.

Khun Eduan.

He is the head of the Khun family. Eduan is considered to be the greatest and first spear bearer in the tower’s history. He wields an enormous spear called Mago which when decompressed is said to be able to pierce half of the tower.

That is beyond crazy if you look at how huge the tower is. His control of shinsoo is also quite impressive not to mention his immense and tremendous electrical power. Khun Eduan is also the man with the most wives out all the 10 great families.

One look at him and I think it’s not hard to figure out why!

Arie Hon

Coming in at number three, we have the leader of the Arie family and the strongest of the 10 great warriors, Arie Hon. Arie is known not to only possess amazing swordsmanship but also the only S+ ranked weapon in the tower, the White Oar.

He is known for giving special tests on his floor(100th) at a point after entering. These tests are simple; endure his attacks for just 10 minutes.

Arie is rather arrogant to be fair and considering this is Tower of god that’s saying a lot, but that’s because he has the right to be! Thus earning him his spot on this list.

Urek Mazino

At number two, its none other than my favorite character, Urek Mazino. Urek is an irregular who is considered to be on the same level as the almighty Phantaminium. If that alone doesn’t verify this for you, then how about this, Urek is so strong that it took him only 50 years to reach the top tower, and is on record to be the fastest to climb the tower with an orthodox method.

This guy is a monster. A monster who was able to go toe-toe with Arie hon, even having the greatest swordsman acknowledge he was the better of the two. But even more terrifying is the fact that he is the 4th overall strongest in the tower.


Arriving at number one, we have the king of the tower, Zahard. . Zahard arrived in the tower with the 10 great warriors as well as an additional two, who were later removed from the picture.

Now after reaching the 134th floor, he made a contract with the floor guardians, became King through this contract, and decided to stop climbing the tower thus hiding the key to open the remaining floors.

Then again he is the King of the tower so I guess we should have seen that coming but it’s no understatement saying that Zahard is as OP as Tower of God characters get…. or is he?


Okay, so anyone who’s anyone’s surely heard of Tower of God. It’s a show that’s currently airing and had been gaining a lot of popularity of late.

This is mainly due to the readers of the webtoon who spare no effort in teasing us with the fact that the story is as good as fiction gets and and generating hype for the future of the show.

As a fellow webtoon reader, I can’t help but feel the same.One thing that appears to be a hot topic amongst new fans of the series is the character of Rachel.

*Keep in mind that the following article contains spoilers from the webtoon which have not been adapted yet in the anime


Rachel is a girl who, like Bam, is not of the tower. She was the first and only person Baam ever knew prior to his entry of the tower and was also the person who gave him a name, but she left him to climb the tower.

“This world is so dark…I can’t stand living in it anymore. I’m sorry Baam… I’m sorry… Please forget about me. So that I could be reborn.”

Rachel to Baam


Well, now that we’re done with the brief introduction lets get to the good stuff and tell you what she’s really like. This was a surprising twist that came at the end of the first season of Tower of God. Turns out Rachel is actually classified as an irregular.

It was revealed by Headon that she was in fact not chosen to climb the tower but got in by accident, as it was stated by SIU in a blog post that it was Baam who opened the door of the tower, and Rachel just happened to fall into the tower through it. Crazy right?


Sorry. Baam. You have to die here.

Now for all we know, this is the moment that changed Tower of God forever! It was the event that truly kick-started the story.

“Baam!! Remember!! Never betray another!! Betraying is bad! No matter what happens, you must never betray another person! Especially not a woman. If you betray a woman, the world’s ceiling will collapse.

This was a phrase that Rachel used to tell Baam during their time outside the tower. Ironically, she would also betray Baam during the final test on the 2nd floor, thus making her the most hated webtoon character ever. The author, SIU has stated that she is actually the female protagonist of the story and is actually quite charming girl once you get to know her (like hell she is )


The tower is a dangerous place, and the people who climb it are not good people. I honestly believe the only truly good person in the tower is Baam.

Rachel is many things; she’s a liar, manipulative, pathologically self-righteous, a hypocrite, not to mention sociopathic! Khun described her as “A sly woman” , she does in fact acknowledge this to be fact but also counters with the following words;

Sly woman? Yes, you may be right. But to someone else, I’m the brightest woman ever. That’s right. To that guy, I’m somewhat like a star. A star that shines so bright. That’s what I should be like to that guy.

Rachel to Khun, obviously talking about Baam.

She does things underhandedly and doesn’t seem to see any wrong in betraying those who’ve put trust in her, even going as far as to exploit Baam’s feelings towards her just so that she could escape to the hell train after the workshop battle.


Another betrayal! Well, this was surprising, considering the fact that Khun knew she Killed Baam and was actually planning on killing her later.

It also showed just how far Rachel was willing to go to achieve here goals, be that working with fug or setting traps to ambush and kill Khun. This plan would have succeeded if not for the intervention of Baam.

The only thing she really succeeded in doing was just making us hate her more and send Khun down the path Revenge.


I don’t know if you’ve called it yet, but Tower of God’s Rachel is basically a big b****.

So let me summarise:

In the world of Tower of God,which is mostly populated by a lot of morally grey people, Rachel is portrayed as an individual who truly doesn’t see anything other than her goal as something of value.

She also regularly lies, manipulates and betrays people for no apparent reason. Claiming that she felt threatened by the fact that Baam would gain new friends and leave her in the dark, she betrayed him all for her selfish desire to climb the tower so she could see the stars.

I mean come on, people actually compare her to Griffith from Berserk. If that isn’t hate, then I dunno what is.

What are your thoughts in Rachel as a character?


Okay, so for us fans of Unordinary Jon needs no introduction. We all know him as the kind and cool headed lovable fellow who could never hurt a fly, right?!

So I’ve been reading Unordinary for about a year now and I must say it has some of the best character development I have seen as far as webtoons are concerned.

I mean don’t get me wrong webtoons are great and all but when the likes of Nobleese and God of Highschool come to mind you can’t fault me for thinking these guys could do slightly better when it comes to developing their characters.

Anyway so back to Unordinary, John is a pretty ….interesting guy! When we first meet him he’s just this all round nice guy with perfectly gelled hair and a constant smile.

Those were the good old days, now he’s a tyrant who beats the sh*t outta people just for kicks and has no regard for anyone with the exception of Seraphina….and his dad!

So the million dollar question… did Jon get from “goody two shoes” to “I run this town!”? Let’s find out.

So we know Jon has had powers even before he entered Welston and we know he was a late bloomer, meaning he got his powers late. We also know he has a bit of a history in which he nearly killed half his class for standing against him but what we don’t know is why is he so messed up in the head?

You see lets take things into context here, if you look at things critically John is nothing more than a victim and before you get to lynching me let me explain!

The world of Unordinary has a very simple rule, might makes right. People are placed above others based solely on how powerful they are. It is how things are and even though it seems messed up it’s simply the way the society is structured!

It is up to the most powerful in the society to maintain order, or at least their version of order and they get to intimidate and abuse everyone else as they see fit.

Jon is guilty of only one thing… not been intimidated and in a sick twist of irony he has come to personify everything wrong with their society, not because his actions are wrong as Arlo, Remi or even Sera would have as believe but because his very existence is a hard cold manifestation of their society’s failure and hypocrisy!

You see if you’ve ever watched Code Geass you would remember the MC of that show Lelouch once asked a question…. if strength is justice, then is powerlessness a crime? Jon’s very existence is this question embodied and it’s a question the royals, I mean the former royals cannot answer without been hypocritical!

You see in the world of Unordinary Powerlessness, unfortunately is a crime! It’s the reason Jon was abused while he was a cripple, he was been punished for the most heinous act imaginable, not having power!

Now in spite of that he soldiered on, living a happy and solitary life, content with just been with Seraphina, now most people forget his fits of violence only started after he put the beatdown on Arlo and his thugs, and there is a reason for that.

Ever since he entered Welston he was trying his best to be a better person, be above the society and live outside it’s outlandish rules, this was because he had been made to believe he was a monster for simply acting the way society dictated he should act.

Now the moment he unleashed his power he regressed, he had been pulled back into this ludicrous society’s way of life and to him he was now no better than everyone else.

Jon from the beginning was inspired by the hero of his dad’s book Unordinary, meaning like many he sees the fundamental flaw his society has and thus tries to rise above it, but thanks to Arlo in a single act of rage, all of that was gone!

Now here’s where Unordinary’s society gets very Hypocritical, if might makes right then it should by all means mean that anyone with true power should be able to do as they please and Jon shows them what that truly means.

You see in the end the society is still made up of people and they understand on a fundamental level that that way of life is wrong, but those on top can’t help but feel entitled because well..they’re on top and as the order suits them they just roll with it.

Jon shows them the true consequence of their decision in that in a world where might makes right, there is no such thing as brutality, the only reason the former royals make such a fuss is simple, because they are weak and they are scared, not because of some sense of Justice.

If it were truly justice they were after they would have been fighting against the social order long ago but it’s not, they are just scared of a force that’s beyond them and as a result they’re crying foul.

Now here’s the thing, every time Jon loses it, it’s because he’s ashamed and disgusted by the acts he’s committing and he blames the society for making him that way.

He forces his punishment on the hypocrites who made it impossible for him to be a hero, for him to live in a world where all are equal, where there is true fairness and justice.

His brutality is not of his making but the society’s! We all have a choice but is it really a choice when the morality of your world dictates that as a stronger entity you must impose your will over a deemed lesser entity!

Or can you be blamed when your society is not even clear on the rules of it’s own morality. Jon isn’t abusive, the whole world is, everyday we see these kids send each other to the hospital, the only reason Jon is any different, is because he does it better than all of them combined!

He’s a wake up call, simply screaming out to the establishment that it’s confused and self destructive. He’s the victim of a misguided world that doesn’t even know what it wants!

So the next time you decide to hate on him, ask yourself if you were him are you sure you would do any better, quite frankly, I think most of us are likely to do worse but the real tragedy is that, we’ll never know!


Nobleese was quite popular during it’s run and with it slated to get an anime adaptation soon it is no surprise fans are elated, but I for one feel a little anxious, anime adaptations are tricky and if care is not taken this could do it more harm than good.

It was quite a great read on one can argue with that but I feel to a large extent it ended leaving  many of it’s fans dissatisfied, I for one was not content but funny enough this issue does not merely lie with the ending, it runs deep into the story.

Nobleese starts off with so much promise, the characters were amazing, the art just kept getting better and the fights were just splendid, then getting along the way something happened, it all began to feel bland and pretty generic.

Issues like the stiff dialogue had already surfaced from the first issue but now it was something far worse, the villains lacked any real consequence.

If you cast your mind back you would realize the only villains who were memorable in any way with the exception of Crombel were Jake and Marie, maybe you could throw in Yuri and Aris for good sport but with the exception of those four the rest essentially felt like filler.

The main reason this happens is because of just how powerful the two main characters are, that would be Frankenstein and Rai. It really takes a lot out of it after you realize just how powerful those two are.

It’s not even fair to the rest of the bad guys but I think the other issue was the villains with the exception of Crombel and the earlier mentioned ones received little to no character development.

They had no real life, nothing really keeping them dear to us, I mean all you have to do is compare them to the likes of Orochimaru and Madara and you’ll get what I mean. They came and went just as quickly without providing any real consequence to the over all plot.

Guys like Muzaka came along to help things a bit but it really doesn’t change the core issue. A lot of the time we got a lot of build up that merely cumulated in huge explosionfests with literally no real payoff. It was still a fun read though but with a problem like that as much as it pains me to say, that is all it may ever be.

An anime adaptation is always a huge win, but when one things of things like pacing and the likes, you just can’t help but break a sweat thinking, just how are they going to animate those fights that went on for chapters with that kind of exposition. The truth is if this isn’t handled right, it could very well mean the end of the franchise!


So in recent years webtoons have become pretty popular and don’t get me wrong there are tons of great ones out there, but there’s one that doesn’t seem to be getting the recognition it deserves.

Urban animal just entered it’s second season and picking up where the first one left off it continues to be an awesome ride. The webtoon follows the adventures of Joe Gomez, a chimera….people with the ability to turn into animals or monsters….

From the beginning it has always been a story that goes straight to the point, not much in the way of filler and as expected of a webtoon always keeping you hooked.


Things seem to be really taking off now as last season ended with a reveal that was simply mind boggling but in all honesty kind of expected for those of us who were paying close attention.


What really makes Urban animal stand out to me for one is it’s mesmerizing art, simplistic but effective and it’s simply genius use of color to really set the tone. The characters are also been built up quite nicely every chapter adding a layer of depth to them.

In the end what really makes it endearing is the nostalgia it sometimes invokes, reminding you of those Saturday kids drama animated series that got you pumped. Fantastical in every sense of the word, its a story you should definitely give a chance.